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  1. I have a z130bt in a gm work van, I have to use the Chrysler/Gm adapter for the antenna size. I have very poor Fm and badly any Am signal. worked fine in stock head unit? Any ideas?
  2. With this mic "Boom" you need to have a wired head set either tucked on the side of your seat, or dangling from your headliner. And strap this McDonalds drive-thru thing on your head. For $150.00 - they quoted me 200.00 , you might as well just use a wired headset connected to your phone.
  3. I had the same issue, I had to disconnect the power to both the sirius and head unit, for about an hour, tried 15 minutes and still didn't work. I thought the unit was broke, but after having battery disconnected for over an hour, It worked again. I have also called both companies about this issue, and they had told me the Sirius unit was bad.. But I guess they where wrong. But a month later I decided to go with the XM unit, due to its better interface..
  4. any idea what happened to MusicSphere after updating mac? I have iOS Lion 10.7.2 and now every time I open iTunes, I get a plug-in warning/ Try selecting “Open in 32-bit mode” in the Finder’s info window for iTunes... I can't seem to find out where that is, and why music sphere just stopped working.. Any input? or similar issues?
  5. I have seen this happen on a unit, it was caused by a friad gps antenna wire, causing the unit to loose track of the cars true position on the road. Not sure if thats your issue, but worth a try.
  6. On Playing back video from the SD card. I created all folders needed. Audio, and start up screen works fine. Some videos play and some don't. Get the error file format or resolution error. The manuel explains the formats it can play. I tried mp4, avi. Any tips on the proper format to have videos flawless playback? thanks
  7. I always found that car alarms are ignored by many people. I also use the a recorded sound of a women screaming Rape very loud with a faint police siren sound 5 seconds in.. For two reason, a car thief doesn't want to be rapist, so once they hear that, they take off, they don't know what the hell is going on. and people tend to pay attention more if a women is screaming...
  8. I have the same issue with the Sirius. I spent hours on the phone with Sirius and Pioneer, both said the Sirius unit was bad. So I put my account on hold until I have time to change it. And IMO the xm units work a lot better. Nicer interface.
  9. does anyone else have a problem of people saying that your phone sound bad ? like your underwater, or a lot of background noise ? this system is new to me and Im not sure if this is how it is, or is my mic defective.. I have radio off windows close and parked, still the person on the other end, say's i sound far away, or underwater.. Any Ideas? thanks
  10. Seems like you changed the polarity of your camera settings. When you put the car in reverse, it should go back to the home screen , then you have to go to setting and turn the camera off ? also try it with the parking brake on..
  11. Just got the discs from Pioneer and fixed all problems.. I wish I knew what program i should use to back it up.. gonna look around
  12. I just installed a back up cam, ( battery ) it works some times ( less then others ) i get a flashing screen white/black/distortion all over it comes on everytime i put the car in reverse, but the pic is unuseable. i have the n3 and the xmnavtraffic thanks
  13. these burnt copyies really suck. some work, some dont..
  14. I have an N3 , used the nav everyday since I bought it 2 years ago. never had a problem. I bought the 80 update disc from the guy on ebay $23.00 and 100% feedback. I have nothing but problems now. he sent me 3 discs and each one had the same problem. No map in areas, couldn't find destinations, Inset appropriate disc so i gave up. and just ordered the ones for 120 from pioneer.
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