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Found 12 results

  1. Hello everyone...first post for me and was hoping to get some help. I recently purchased a vehicle that has the X950BH installed with North American Maps. Problem is I live in Europe (car was imported from Canada). Is it possible to "uninstall" the North American maps and install the maps for Europe? Thanks in advance - David
  2. Has anyone had a problem where all of a sudden there head unit stopped displaying album art? I was driving the other day and with the setup I have- AVIC-X950BH CD-AH200C / Samsung MHL adapter / SG3 - Center console iPod / Cables - Glove box Anyways, the iPod stopped working, and I ended up having to restart it (not reset). After I did that, no album art. I've tried everything I've done in the past to fix this issue, including erasing the iPod, and restoring it with a backup, and re-syncing with iTunes, and am about to try MediaMonkey. Where it gets weird is that Pandora, which uses m
  3. dlbrow10

    X950BH MAPS?

    just wondering if anybody knew where the latest maps can be found for the X950bh i can't seem to find them anywhere. i've searched the forum to no avail and it seems most sites just act as if this model was never made but have the x930bt etc. thanks for any info gained
  4. Sorry if I missed this somewhere, but what's the easiest way to move the constant nag screen after booting on units with NAV? I have ARU and I have to hit OK 2-3 times before I can get to my phone's screen. TIA! Jon
  5. Has anyone ever had a problem where they cannot make calls from their head unit, but can transfer contacts, and receive calls? Anytime I try I get "Unable to make phone call, please check your phone connection". What's weird is that I have two AVIC-X950BH units, and only one of them is doing this. What's even more strange, if I pair a phone other than mine (SG3 CM 11.2) like a stock SG4, it works just fine. I called Pioneer, and they were stumped. Anyone ever seen something like this? Thanks, Jon
  6. Hi All; I'm new to the AVIC and i have been doing some reading but I am still running into some issues with my deck, I have done the Bypass (park brake wire) Mod and it is working great, that being said - I am attempting to place a background pic onto my X950BH and I have tried a number of different methods, my set does not seem to be able to find/read my photos, I expect that there is something that I am missing or not doing correctly so I am hoping someone can take me thru setting up the card and loading it so I can use my vacation pic as my background. (hoping it will make me feel a li
  7. I just had a X950BH installed, and the Pandora, and Aha icons missing as sources? I am not even at the point of trying AppRadio, ARLiberator, the kit described here; http://www.appradioworld.com/2013/08/how-to-correctly-connect-samsung-galaxy.html Anyways, I only have two sources whether plugged in, or paired with bluetooth- HD Radio bluetooth My X850BT works fine with Pandora, and presumably aha if I wanted it. Anyone seen this issue? Thanks, Jon
  8. Hi, I live in Toronto Ontario Canada and here in toronto we don't have any HD channels were still using analog channels, most of the channels have RDS for text/info but for some reason i cant get any RDS on the x950bh. Even my friends stock GM radio picks it up. The RDS-TMC seems to be working. From what i understand if the unit is equipped with HD or RDS-TMC then RDS is disabled. I hoping this isnt true and someone can help me fix this. Thanks.
  9. My girlfriend has a 2007 Tahoe and just installed the x950BH and backup camera. She has an iPhone 5s and is running iOS7 and when streaming audio via bluetooth, the audio skips and cuts out. I tried my phone, iPhone 4 running iOS7 and it does the same thing. Anyone else experiencing this issue? Is there a fix?
  10. When attempting to play .mp4 videos from a microSD card, I get the message "files that cannot be play will be skipped". The video files are formated to h.264 video and AAC audio, as the manual suggests. Am i missing something?
  11. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue and been able to resolve it. I have an iPhone 5 and Pioneer X950BH, installed in May of this year, and everything was working fine up to about a month ago. Now, the "rewind" and "fast-forward" buttons on the left strip are disabled, as well as the "play" and "pause" buttons on the screen itself, when I use the iPhone 5 as an iPod, either directly connected or via bluetooth. I went back to the installer, thinking it was a X950BH issue, but we were able to determine the issue is actually with the iPhone, because he used his iPhone
  12. X950BH, Iphone5, Hdmi, Digital AV, Lightning. app icon is illuminated, when i press on screen. my current iphone screen shows up on the unit, with a prompt saying "if app radio isn't installed, please install it, then open bluetooth settings" "connect" "settings" "cancel" if i press connect the prompt goes away and just shows the current iphone screen. settings brings me to bluetooth settings, and cancel the prompt goes away and just shows the current iphone screen. if i run the appradio app before, or after it just shows whats on the iphone screen, The appradio launcher
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