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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone...first post for me and was hoping to get some help. I recently purchased a vehicle that has the X950BH installed with North American Maps. Problem is I live in Europe (car was imported from Canada). Is it possible to "uninstall" the North American maps and install the maps for Europe? Thanks in advance - David
  2. Can anybody help me to get a card update for the Avic F950DAB? Thnx in advance..... Greetz Rob
  3. European maps on an 8000NEX

    I need to figure out how to get European maps on the 8000NEX. I successfully installed the unit thinking it would be a matter of just paying for/downloading the maps and loading them. Boy was I surprised to find out that you can't just do that. I live in Europe for the time being and would hate to have wasted all the money on this unit if I can't use the nav.. Please help!!!!
  4. Hello Community, I am searching a long time for the New 2014 Europe Navteq Maps update for Pioneer Avic F950bt, F50Bt, F950DAB and F850Bt. Has anybody got it? I would be very thankful! Greetings Fixe
  5. Hi guys, newbie guy here, sorry for this but you have to start somewhere right? I have been reading a lot of the forums here the last couple of days, I think I've learned a lot of stuff and got some insight in Windows CE, but still haven't been able to resolve my problem. I guess I only need the "My flash disk" backup files from a f910 or f9110 European unit, being mine the latest. I had just bought the damn thing and have installed it successfully in my car, then I came across this: http://www.pioneer.eu/eur/support/software/AVIC-F9110BT/page.html#download_7, and this: http://www.pioneer.eu/files/support/avic_apl_upgrade/AVIC-F710910/AVIC-F910BT_710BT_CNSD200FM_UPDATE_INSTRUCTION_PEE_Ver4001000.pdf, that led me to wanting to update my firmware. It all seemed very simply and so I went for it, as Pioneer says nothing about Backups, WinCE or testmodes, I just followed the instructions. So then came the red screen... bla bla bla, bla bla bla, you guys know... So tried to follow some fixes here, but without reading enough fell in the stupidity of deleting files from "My flash disk", a lot of them, without backup, so... now I'm stucked, and the only files I find are for American units, which make my unit keep rebooting every 2 minutes or so, and having always that "system starting up" message or something of the sort, even though radio and cd works. From what I've understood so far, I will need the Europe version backup files from either f910 or f9110 units in order to be able to solve this problem. Tried to follow member tail24's format SDMLC/MBR procedure, but guess I will always need these backup files to make it work. I will appreciate a lot if someone could send me their backup files. Besides my appreciation I can only promise no second time for such a nieve mistake , also will read a lot before attempting any other procedure! You guys are masters and I need your help oh sensei's Thanks a mil...
  6. TeleAtlas 2012 Q1 Maps for Europe For USA/Canada see: Navteq 2011 Q4 (Released in 2012) Maps for the United States & Canada I have tested this on my AVIC F-9110 BT with firmware (3.x), the maps are fully functional on my unit. This should also work for the F700 and up. Not sure about the F500. I haven't updated to firmware 4 yet but this should work for firmware 4.x as well. Instructions: Download the files below Extract them to the root of your SD card Insert SD card with only the folders from the ZIP file in the root Boot the unit in testmode (if you have the testmode folder in the root this will happen automagically) Make a complete backup of the flashdrive! (Instructions) Verify your backup is correct and copy this over to you PC so you have 2 backups. Go into the iGo/CONTENT folder. On my unit this folder is located in the APL2 folder. Delete the MAP, POI and LICENSE folders Copy the MAP, POI and LICENSE folders from the SD card to the flashdrive of your unit Copy the EZRIDER.EXE to the iGo folder, replacing the file already there Now reboot the unit, remove the SD card and enjoy the latest maps Links are interchangable (parts are the same). Rapidshare (Uploaded 7/10/2012) https://rapidshare.c...2012.Q1.zip.004 https://rapidshare.c...2012.Q1.zip.007 https://rapidshare.c...2012.Q1.zip.002 https://rapidshare.c...2012.Q1.zip.003 https://rapidshare.c...2012.Q1.zip.008 https://rapidshare.c...2012.Q1.zip.006 https://rapidshare.c...2012.Q1.zip.005 https://rapidshare.c...2012.Q1.zip.001 https://rapidshare.c...2012.Q1.zip.009 Uploaded.to (Uploaded 7/10/2012) Still uploading... Usenet (Uploaded 7/10/2012) Download the attached ZIP file for the NZB If you messed up your unit just get back into testmode and restore the files you backed-up. Enjoy your new maps Cheers, Bento NTQ_2012.Q1.zip.zip testmode.zip
  7. Europe Maps for x910bt

    Hi, I just recently moved to Germany (PCS'ed) and I have the x910bt, I would like to put European maps on it, but what cost will this come to the unit itself. Can I undo the mod's when I return stateside? and how well do the maps work I don't really want to have some half ass'd crap on there. Anyways any help or links pointing me in the right direction would be helpful,
  8. I have an Avic Z110-BT upgraded to ver 2.000. I followed all mods to ver 2.004 but system still shows ver 2.000. I am trying to get Europe maps on the system so that I may use it while stationed in Germany. I tried to update using the EU steps, then load CNSD-210FM EU for the maps and the SD1 card does nothing when inserted. Any ideas?