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  1. Hey guys, I'm new here, I've been reading a lot in this forum to solve my problem in my avic 9110bt EU unit and I think I understand enough now to do that, basically I'm just trying to restore it after a pioneer update that just gone wrong with the horrible red screen popping up with errors, so I'm gonna install something fresh and maybe even some mods. Problem just is the stupid fact that as an asshole I made the newbie mistake of not backing up my files, and I haven't been able to find EURO unit's backup files, and with the American ones system keeps rebooting with that awful messag
  2. Hi guys, newbie guy here, sorry for this but you have to start somewhere right? I have been reading a lot of the forums here the last couple of days, I think I've learned a lot of stuff and got some insight in Windows CE, but still haven't been able to resolve my problem. I guess I only need the "My flash disk" backup files from a f910 or f9110 European unit, being mine the latest. I had just bought the damn thing and have installed it successfully in my car, then I came across this: http://www.pioneer.eu/eur/support/software/AVIC-F9110BT/page.html#download_7, and this: http:/
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