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Found 9 results

  1. I have AVIC F9880DAB-C, how i can crack IGo and update maps.
  2. Hello, To the best of my knowledge, this F700BT is stuck on Firmware Ver. 1 I’m looking for any help to update my system to a more current version. The device came preloaded with some modifications/ bypasses that made it really smooth to use, until it got stuck on a boot-loop. Awhile back, I found a working link with files to fix the corrupted software, downgrading me back to this base software. My GPS maps have also stopped working. I’d seriously appreciate it if anyone could connect me with a working set of files to bring this F700 up to speed again. Will gladly Paypal a reward if the update works well. I’ve tried searching around for working links, but they're usually disconnected. Attached are a few pictures of the HU to get a good idea of what I’m working with. If you can help feel free to send me a PM or reply to this thread, thank you !
  3. Hi All, I have done a lot of searching/reading on this forum but cannot find a logical (to me) and consolidated approach to my situation.....any help with my questions is very much appreciated!! I have the 2009 Z110BT installed in a used car that I recently purchased. I do have the general usage manual for the system but it is running the original software version that came with the unit. I need to get it to the most current & effective state. I really need advise on: 1.) which update version recommended? I see threads on z120/z130/z140 and appreciate any advice on the best/most viable version to get to, based on the unit currently installed. Naturally, I would like the most current set of maps/GUI 2.) do I need to do multiple updates (z110>z120>z130) to get to optimal version? Or, can I just apply a single update from z110 to the recommended version? 3.) what are the steps needed to get this done? If someone could simply outline or send best link to do so, it would really help, as I have gotten quite lost on this in the forum search pages 4.) final question that may be a dumb one but here goes.....the traffic tuner that came with the unit is the MSN portion that is no longer usable. What are my options in the update process to gain access to a traffic alternative to the obsolete MSN? Is there a way to do this via version upgrade only or do I need to have something else installed? Many thanks again for any help!!
  4. Update/Upgrade F320BT

    Hi everyone, I have a european (dutch) F320BT and when I look in the software info it says version 1.0. I've seen lots of posts now but none is clear about the following: 1) Can I update to version 2 or version 3? If so, how (without buying products or services from Pioneer) 2) I see a lot of mods says version 3 is needed, are there mods available for version 1 that I have? 3) If I were to buy the 2012 map update, does this automatically upgrade the software version? (I found one on ebay) 4) Can I update the maps manually from the internet somewhere? Which files do I need and where do they go So that's quite a list I'm a noob doing stuff to the f320bt, but work with computers so if I just could get directions.... Thanks!
  5. I have a Z120 that I upgraded to Z130 software. I then upgraded to Z140 - when I first upgraded it didn't recognize my location and my speed, direction, turning was just way off. Now, it doesn't even recognize the GPS being plugged in / no signal. Any ideas? Shitty first post, thanks in advance.
  6. I have an AVIC Z130 that I upgraded to Z140. Now when I do not have a destination set in the Navi no roads are displayed. I see a map and the GPS function seems to work fine, but no roads are displayed on the screen. If I set a destination then the Navi show the roads? Any ideas? I don't remember this being an issue before I upgraded to the Z140. I there anyway to downgrade the software back to the Z130? Can I manually install the software through "File Maintenance" or some other way? Is there away to reinstall the Z140 upgrade?
  7. Group Purchase of 2012 Upgrades

    What happened to the list of people that agreed to purchase the 2012 updates?
  8. Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum and this is actually my first post; I've seen how you've been helping a lot of people with questions and now I have one of my own and I hope you can help me... I currently have a AVIC-F700BT (love it still) but I'm feeling like it's time to upgrade soon, I've been looking at the X930BT and really like all the new features, so my actual question is should go for it or wait for the next generation to come out. I'd hate to invest over $600 and just a couple months later find out that I could've waited a little longer and get the newest one. What do you guys recommend? and if you recommend to go with the X930BT, how have been your experience with it so far? Thanks so much
  9. Probably a repeat of ...

    So I've been looking around and I still can't find a answer to my question on this. I recently upgraded to the x920bt and kept reading that it can be upgraded to the 930 software, but haven't been able to determine if it's an update I have to get from pioneer or if the unit comes preset with the new upgrade. Now before I get messages saying "read the manual" or "learn to look" I'm saying I have been looking on here and all over online and still don't have any kind of answer as to how, where, or even if the unit has the upgrade. Ideas or help on this?