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  1. Actually, I've been in this customized scene for a while now. Self-taught. In a nutshell, here are a few features I have running on my Z110BT iPhone 4s dedicated to the car (custom mount hardwired to Z110BT with no wires showing. I HATE EXPOSED WIRES lol). I don't want to lose the iPhone interaction with the Z110BT, so I leave the phone mounted to the custom dash plate. All apps on 4s are already set up to broadcast audio/video on the Z110BT screen (Netflix, Pandora, Youtube, etc.). I use QNAP apps to stream all media from my home QNAP TS-453 Pro server where I have movies,
  2. If your MP4 vids don't work, they need to be converted. Again, search the forum; this has been answered in a sticky
  3. There are a number of threads here that answers this question...... I've personally provided some info HERE. Its a bit dated but it should still work. Just run a quick forum search.
  4. I've successfully updated my Z110bt with the 2013 Maps. I suggest you format your SD card. If you're using WINDOWS, make sure you uncheck "Quick Format". Then copy over the files to the SD card with nothing else on the card. See if this works.
  5. A BIG thanks goes to misterwoofwoof for the download. I followed the "Instructions for Z110BT, Z120BT, and X920BT units" to upgrade my Z110 that had the 2011 maps previously installed. I lost VR for map functions but I'm enjoying the slightly new additions to the interface. No password needed, and all is running SMOOTH!!!!! Thanks again!!!!!!
  6. So what is the result of your progress? Were you able to get full functionality of an iPhone 5 connected to your Z130 with the update? More importantly, were you able to get video sent to your dash?
  7. Search the threads. There is a torrent link available for the files.
  8. Do a search for this question; its been discussed many times. Quick Reference: Can you play ANY videos from SD card to the rear screen? NO!!!!!!! ==> this is by design from Pioneer Playable file-format is different between SDHC & DVD? YES!!!!! ==> see manual AVI/DIVX files work well from discs. MP4 files work well from SD card (but the format is finicky). I eventually used the iPhone for video storage mainly because I can send the video to the rear. I stream Netflix, as well as my personal media from home, to the rear monitors. The RCA AV input video can a
  9. I, too, have the Z110, and I went with the VTL200 back in 2011. The camera is built into the license plate frame. I figured it would be the stealthiest. I have 2 12" subs in the trunk, so I know it takes a beating. Still going strong. UPDATE #1 The camera now has condensation behind the lens. I am unable to remove the lens to clean out the water droplets because the screws near the lens are now stripped. It seems the chrome-like metal is stripping away. I may have to replace the camera. Damn!!!!!! UPDATE #2 I replaced my Boyo VTL200 with a Pyle PLCM21 license plate camera.
  10. I don't think this is true. I am unable to get YouTube to output its video if I use the YouTube app (downloaded from the app store). When I uninstalled the YouTube app, and used the Safari browser to load up YouTube, the phone's media player outputs its video by default, no matter what video is playing.
  11. I've mentioned this in another thread. Do not use the YouTube app, go to the Safari browser, go to YouTube website, play the video from there, and the browser's player will broadcast to the headunit.
  12. Ive found that uninstalling the YouTube app, and using the Safari browser to use YouTube is more ideal. Why, you ask? Because the web-based Youtube can be broadcasted to the headunit.
  13. I have a Z110 (upgraded to Z130), and here are my findings: YouTube app doesn't broadcast to the headunit. Netflix app works in AppMode just fine. No different than on previous IOSes. Pandora works fine as well. Music works as normal, and Video playback works in AppMode. Also, some of my music videos are out-of-sync with the audio. When I view those same videos on the iPone, they are fine. Not sure what is causing this, but it happens.
  14. I actually meant how did you ELECTRICALLY wire it up? Did you tap into the fusebox? Where did you run the wires?
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