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    I have a Z120BT and I tried the update that brings it on par to a Z150. It was really buggy for me and not worth it, so I reverted back to a previous update by using TESTMode and setting a PRTGFlag to the other profile on my headunit. Bad news is that it's been a few years since i've had to do that and forgot exactly what the steps were, and the forums have lost my post history. Search the forums for a PRTG or PRGFlag post and swapping profiles. I highly recommend that before doing anything else that you back up the file content of your headunit in the event something goes awry.
  2. Hello all, it's been about 2 years since i've been on, so long time no see! I had a need to check out some of my old posts to find my notes on upgrading a Z120 to a specific app version and I was able to find them when I logged on. However, as soon as I made a new post, my post history disappeared and only shows my new post in the post history (Click on username at top left, go to My Content, then click Only Posts by Me). My post count didn't drop, so I know they are all still there, but it seems like a filter or something has been triggered to where it only wants to show those new posts. Wasn't sure how to reach the forum admin so i'm hoping someone will see the post here or someone else may have the answer. Wouldn't be too big of a deal, but I used that feature as a reference guide to look up threads with these notes and it would take forever to find them otherwise.
  3. Z130 upgraded to Z140

    I think you are right, there is a chance of corruption at the source itself. Do you recall if you were using version 4.000 (CNSD-310FM)? If so, then this thread may be your ticket. Link here goes to the download, but page one of this thread shows the version info. http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/35230-2012-uscan-maps-cnsd-310fmuc-upgrade/page-14?&&do=findComment&comment=257032 Be sure that this is what you were using before you give it a shot. If that doesn't work then we'll check for the backup profile.
  4. Z130 upgraded to Z140

    Try downloading the Z140BT update to another SD card that is compatible. If that doesn't work, there is a typically a backup "profile folder" you can activate to boot off of by setting a flag.
  5. avic z110bt android phone contacts??

    CNSD-310FM update has been the most stable update for me and I recommend it if the loss of VR for NAV isn't going to give you too much heartburn.
  6. Has anyone done the 2013 Map Update on Z130BT?

    Some of us tried the 4.6 update (Basically 2013 map update, but without the maps) and didn't have too good of an experience - see thread here http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/37506-z140-iphone-5-firmware-in-z130/ I imagine Z140 and above will have the best experience since they can use the cables. What I don't know is if the NAVTEQ update is tailored specifically for Z130's and below and wouldn't cause as much hassle or if it is simply the Z140 4.6 update just bundled with 2013 maps. I currently use an official Apple 30pin to thunderbolt cable (not the block) and what I believe is a generic AVIC 30 pin cable and it's been working great for me on the 4.0 software with 2012 maps, minus video.
  7. avic z110bt android phone contacts??

    Is this a vanilla Z110 or have you done any firmware upgrades to it?
  8. Bluetooth isn't working so swell for me with Pandora and Aha radio. My 5S will pair with the head unit but when I pull up Pandora or Aha from front screen it say it can't connect. I immediately go to bluetooth audio on the side menu and Pandora, Aha, and iPod music will play no problem and the status mysteriously shows up as "Connecting" (never shows connected, just shows connecting) with artist and track info, but no album art (album art may not be displayed on purpose, not sure). I ended up getting the 30pin to lightning adapter cable (not the block) and it's been working great for me to restore what I used to have, video aside.
  9. Z130BT - Iphone connecting but can't hear music

    I want to use my 5S with the existing 30pin infrastructure I have on my unit, but don't want to shell out the $29 for the lightning to 30 pin adapter unless there's a good chance it'll work. What unit are you currently using that this works on? I'm assuming a Z130, but was this upgraded to CNSD-310FM or is it vanilla? I'm fairly certain that anyone not using at least a Z140 (hardware) will be out of luck on video since the pioneer cables that work with the 5 and 5S aren't compatible with these units. Edit - Found another post here http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/37498-z130-upgraded-iphone-4s-to-5s-upset/ where Scuba X has verified that this works on his Z130 with the CNSD-310FM update. I'm going to pick up an adapter tomorrow to see how it works out for me.
  10. Z120BT iphone 5 Appradio help

    Z120 users are out of luck on using that cable - see conversation posted here http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/37506-z140-iphone-5-firmware-in-z130
  11. "No Applicable Program" -HELP!

    Did this ever get posted on the Hacks/Mods thread? I attempted looking at Thevil1's posts and didn't see a separate guide posted. I ended up in a similar situation and noticed that the PRG flag was present in mine, so I deleted the flag, removed the TestMode SD card, and rebooted the unit. Once the unit rebooted, it automatically initiated an update and I had reverted back to CNSD-310FM (not the initial state that my unit shipped in, but one step prior to the most recent update). Either way, this was fine for me because it got rid of the wretched useless 4.6 update for lightning compatibility, which is not effective for units below Z140 since they cannot use the required cables or play media through bluetooth properly. In summary, these are the steps that I took (keep in mind mileage may vary depending on the unit you have and what firmware you are up to). For the record, I had a Z120 that I took from stock all the way up to CNSD-310FM and then applied the 4.6 lightning patch. The patch updated everything but the uCom, and info on user experiences on this update can be found here http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/37506-z140-iphone-5-firmware-in-z130/ The patch was a mess since anything below a Z140 can't use the updated cables, and 30pin functionality was practically destroyed as far as how it used to function. Got an SD card and placed supertestmode (TESTMODE.KEY) on the card as well as created a folder called Backup for my USER folder. Placed the SD card in the AVIC, went to option 11 (File Maintenance) and inspected the contents of the USER folder. Took note that PRG0 and PRG1 were present, as well as PRG.FLG. PRG.FLG is the indicator that tells the unit to use contents stored in PRG1. I deleted PRG.FLG and removed the SD card. After this was done, I rebooted the AVIC. Upon reboot, the AVIC did an automatic update and upon inspection of system information, the unit had been restored to the CNSD-310FM state with all of my preferences still saved. The only item that did not revert back was my bluetooth firmware version, but I have not encountered any issues with this yet. I haven't checked to see if this update replaced the PRG.FLG and updated the contents of PRG1 to match PRG0, or if it just reverted to using PRG0. I have updated this AVIC a total of three times, so I know that this isn't the "factory image." Perhaps PRG0 is a copy of the last working image and PRG1 is the update? RonS may know this answer.
  12. Will Z140 new firmware 4.6/5.1 apply to Z120-->Z140?

    Did you get any actual benefit or use out of this aside from the bluetooth update and the camera gridlines? I didn't find any actual use for it and it ended up being detrimental for myself and another user. Check out this thread http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/37506-z140-iphone-5-firmware-in-z130/page-2
  13. Z140 iPhone 5 firmware in Z130?

    No luck with either cable - got ahold of Pioneer since their phones were actually routable today and they confimed that Z140 hardware was different. Looks like i'll be using my backed up USER folder to go back to the previous version as well and will try the lightning to 30 pin method so I can at least get tunes even though I will have lost video, or maybe i'll sell the unit.
  14. Z140 iPhone 5 firmware in Z130?

    I noticed the same thing when I updated mine yesterday. I now have an iPhone 5S (effective today, previously had 4S). Right before I traded the phone in for this, I noticed that if you make a phone call and click on Pandora or Aha radio that the music or radio will play briefly before the call connects, so the functionality for it to work is there even with the 30 pin connector. I'm hoping that I can find some way of CD-IV202NAVI or CD-IH202 to work with my headunit, but don't know of anyone who has tried it out. Calls to Pioneer were hopeless, their phone rings constantly with a busy signal on their support line.
  15. Will Z140 new firmware 4.6/5.1 apply to Z120-->Z140?

    This update worked for me - I didn't update the uCom (it must have been updated already, it was set to -----). I haven't been able to play around with it just yet (too frickin' cold outside) but i'll let you know what I come across soon.