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  1. I found a solution, and it's so simple. I removed all apps from the recent used list, and powered off the phone. Hold the power button until the swipe to shutoff appears, then wait a minute. Hit the power button again. After that, it worked like normal, at least for my drive this morning. I have to remember to reboot the iPhone after updates, this is not the first time I have had issues after an update that were solved with a reboot.
  2. Yep, me too. And then I can't switch to the iPhone music without doing so from the phone. I have also lost pause, it says paused but keeps playing. Previously Pandora and aha radio were problematic, only working when they felt like it. Now they have taken over because if I bring up the Pandora app and close it, aha radio opens up. I might delete them both and then see how it behaves.
  3. wont read SD card

    Was this an SD card you have previously used in your system? What size is the card? Do you have another SD card to try? Reformat the card with FAT32 and try again. The updates file structure should be two folders Firmware and Update and one file Cardinfo.cif and they should be in the Root directory - copied from "2013 USA-CANADA MAP UPDATE" folder on your computer.
  4. Issue with Iphone 6 on AVIC Z130bt

    I ran the battery down on my iPhone 6+ to 65% and then attached it to the Z-130BT with the lightning cable to 30 pin adapter and it worked fine - no errors. While playing I disconnected the phone and reconnected it and it work fine. While checking out Aha Radio, Pandora and playing a movie from an SD card it charged the iPhone to 73%. So I would recommend updating the firmware on the AVIC and use the latest IOS 8 version. Specs for clarity: Z-130BT with firmware and software version of 5.000 upgraded using link I provided above and courtesy of misterwoofwoof. iPhone 6+ 128GB IOS 8.0.2 AVIC cable is Pioneer D-IU51V Hope this helps.
  5. Issue with Iphone 6 on AVIC Z130bt

    I'm running down my battery now and will post the results later. Did you follow the other link I posted for the discounted version? 1st post in that thread? misterwoofwoof says it should work from 3.001
  6. Z130BT - Iphone videos won't play

    I've only had video work from an iPhone when it was my 3GS. It never has worked with the 5 or now the 6+. So go to this link and look for info on upgrading to 5.1. You will need 3 new cables/adapters and video will be in the AppRadio but then music will only play via another app. Check out the Pioneer website for the Z140 and look for firmware 5.1. Once you have followed the link above, and upgraded to 5.0, you can then do the 5.1 upgrade on a Z130BT. I have not done this because of the hassle of playing music through a sub par app, but maybe your ok with it? There is an 11 page PDF on the Pioneer site under the Z140 firmware link that will explain all the cables and downsides to this update.
  7. Issue with Iphone 6 on AVIC Z130bt

    Here are some links: Pioneer $$$ upgrade: AVIC411 thread on the upgrade with download Not my screen shot, but the OP's of the above thread:
  8. Issue with Iphone 6 on AVIC Z130bt

    Umm, no it's up to 5.0 and for the Z140 it is 5.1 which has shown to work by others on this forum on the Z130BT. 5.1 is specifically for the iPhone with lightning cable but also allows AppRadio with the correct cables but requires an app to play music which is a big downside for me and I've stopped at 5.0. Read the forum under Hacks/Mods and you will find a thread that is more than 14 pages so far about upgrading and includes the link to download 5.0 along with the modded file needed for a Z130BT. I'm not sure if it requires 4.0 or not to apply this firmware. Pioneer provides this upgrade through Navteq for some $$$, last year to 4.0 and this year to 5.0. Warning: with 4.0 you will lose VR for navigation!!!!!
  9. Issue with Iphone 6 on AVIC Z130bt

    What firmware are you running on your Z130BT? I have the iPhone 6+ 128GB with IOS 8.0.2 with firmware 5.0 on the Z130BT and have not seen this issue yet. I will try and run the battery down and see what happens.
  10. Avic Z110BT 5.1 upgrade app mode question

    Also, a reviewer on Amazon of the CD-IV202NAVI cable confirms that music will only play with the AppRadio app and is through Bluetooth.
  11. Avic Z110BT 5.1 upgrade app mode question

    With the 5.1 update, there is an 11 page pdf that states on page 2 for AppRadio mode you will need the following cables: VGA/USB CD-IV202NAVI, Lightning to VGA Adapter from Apple, Lightning to USB cable CD-IU52. Then it goes onto to say: "You cannot play music and/or video files stored directly from your iPhone with Lightning connector using the VGA/USB interface cable for iPod/iPhone without using the CarMediaPlayer app.". And..."If you connect your iPhone with the Lightning connector to your navigation system using a USB interface cable for iPod (CD-IU5IV, sold seperately) and a Lightning to 30-pin Adapter (Apple Inc. product, sold separately), you will have access to your music files, Pandora and Aha Radio on your iPhone with Lightning connector. AppRadio Mode is not supported when the iPhone with lightning connector is connected with this method." My take on this is that if you buy the three cables needed and using the diagram on page 8 of this document connect your iPhone - you might get AppRadio mode. Why do I say might? Because Pioneer has a huge knack for promising things and then failing big time. The other issue, as I quoted above is that music will then only be available through an app called CarMediaPlayer which is a 2 1/2 star rated app. - which in my opinion is 1/2 a star better than the Pioneer Z130BT And then page 9 of this document shows you the hoops you need to jump through to get it setup.
  12. AVIC-Z130BT / Firmware Up Date ???

    What firmware are you referring to? Version 3.001? That is from years ago when the system was brand new, are you sure you don't already have that version?
  13. Iphone 6 and Z120

    In another thread the poster was advised by Pioneer to do a factory reset on his Z130BT, and that worked. So check that your settings that you like are written down and give it a try.
  14. z130bt GPS map

    Have you used the zoom in and out control which looks like a magnifying glass in the lower left of the screen?