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  1. Issue with Iphone 6 on AVIC Z130bt

    My Z120 won't even recognize that there's a phone connected. (IPhone 6 Plus)
  2. Iphone 6 and Z120

    Heads up... I got my new IPhone 6 Plus on Friday and it doesn't work on my Z120. I've been using the lighting adapter to convert the interface when I upgraded from my iPhone 4 to the 5 and everything was working OK. The head unit won't even recognize there's a phone connected now.
  3. iPhone 5 support?

    Well this one statement from that page concerns me. What does this do for the Pandora controls? Hmmm... The things that they do not let you do: Utilize iPod Out, a relatively little used feature that allows transference of the iPod or iPhone’s music controls to an external screen or buttons, like the one in a car or on some home audio systems. BMW was an Apple partner for this feature.
  4. Z120 firmware update

    My firmware is out of date. Pioneer has v2.003 available for download, but the link on the website is to a .ZIP file called "110". Is this by design or is the link on the site messed up? Is the firmware between the 110 and the 120 interchangable? Thanks yo.
  5. Z120 Stolen - Z130 or wait for Z140

    Old topic that I'm breathing life into.... I'm still on a Z120 and have been in my GTI for a year and a half. Overall. I'm disappointed. Like most of you, the Bluetooth and the VR is effectively useless. I haven't paired in ages and I don't talk to my radio. My other chief complaint is the resistive touch screen. I hate it. I suppose I'm high and dreaming to ask, has Pioneer done anything with actual hardware in the HU? Is a capacitive screen too much to ask for? I don't suppose Bluetooth has been addressed? It's been reported that some, not all, of the Z130 users saw any BT improvement. Until then? I may be getting a new ride soon. Let's see what a new Acura can do now.
  6. 2011 CNSD-210FM Update Announced

    I would imagine you can use it on multiple head units. Once ordered you've got the files on an SD card. To my knowledge Pioneer isn't getting "license" specific like software.
  7. defining radio presets

    Ok... Stupid question on my Z120. I've set all of my radio presets, but the description of the presets still say "Preset 1", "Preset 2", etc. It's kind of retarded that they don't auto-rename to the station that is set. Is there a way to rename the presets?
  8. 2011 CNSD-210FM Update Announced

    Bluetooth® firmware update So does this mean that the rampant BT issues *may* be resolved in this update?? I'm not getting my hopes up.
  9. BT and jailbroken iphone 4 over BT

    This is no longer the case. See this thread: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/28311-ios4-issues-with-the-avic/page__p__224219__hl__pandora__fromsearch__1#entry224219 I once thought you HAD to use the PandoraLink app, but was frustrated with the lack of multitasking. When I inquired, someone pointed out it was no longer needed. I deleted the PandoraLink app from my phone and started running the "vanilla flavored" Pandora app. I have complete control over the Pandora app. I FREQUENTLY thumb up/down songs and bookmark songs. I recently upgraded to a PandoraOne account and I've now got more skips and no commercials.
  10. BT and jailbroken iphone 4 over BT

    You don't have to have any special app installed on the phone... You simply need to connect the iPhone to the head unit with the cable adapter. You won't see the Pandora icon until the phone is connected. I have an iPhone 4 and use the plain ole Pandora app EVERYDAY on my Z120.
  11. Album artwork not pulling from ipod

    Stupid question, but was the ID3 tag of the mp3 "actually" updated with the album art or is it just an "iTunes thing"? BTW - mp3tag http://www.mp3tag.de/en/ works fantastic for tagging and cleaning up the ID3 info. Half the crap you torrent is incorrect and has stupid text in the comments field. Not that I condone such activities.
  12. Z130BT Owners: Is the handsfree audio quality fixed?

    iPhone 4 & Z120 installed in a 2009 VW GTI. Mostly unusable.
  13. BT MIC issues for BT calls - asking for a sticky

    My iPhone 4 started having hardware issues. Some sort of short inside the phone. The Apple store replaced my phone under warranty. So I restored my iPhone from a backup and paired it to the Pioneer. It "seems" as though my call quality has improved. I called my office and left myself a minute long voice message and to my surprise, I could actually understand myself when I played it back. For some background information, I've had my AVIC Z120 for about 7-8 months now and the BT has been pretty much unusable. I've tried two different mics (both Pioneer AVIC issued mics), I've tried various locations, I've jacked up the BT gain on my phone before pairing, yada yada yada. The quality still isn't "great", but at least it is usable now.
  14. Z130 mic not working

    Please keep us posted. I have BT problems with my Z120 and am fed up with it. I'm contemplating upgrading to the Z130 if it will fix my issues.
  15. BT MIC issues for BT calls - asking for a sticky

    It probably won't make much difference, but I'm pretty desperate to get this working now. For $17 and change I might as well give it a shot. Thanks.