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  1. Best price for Z130bt (updated)

  2. Z130BT Owners: Is the handsfree audio quality fixed?

    Yes, for all those responding about bt performance on the z130, please also be sure to tell us what phone you are using. Of particular interest is if you are using an iphone and which generation, since the z130 was designed for use with an iphone.
  3. Best price for Z130bt (updated)

    Creating this thread to list current best prices for the Z130bt. Please update with best prices you are currently aware of. Amazon: $1100 Sonic Electronix: $1100 Onlinecarstereo.com: $989
  4. Hi all, Now that all the new Z130bt owners are starting to trickle in, thought I'd make this thread to get as definitive an answer as we can on whether Pioneer has fixed the bluetooth phone audio problems which have plagued the earlier Z models. I know some owners may have already replied in other threads, but let's try to consolidate all the responses here. Thanks. Here's to hoping that Pioneer did its job!
  5. just got my z130

    Very good news...
  6. just got my z130

    Any word on the handsfree phone audio quality?
  7. just got my z130

    You guys gotta tell us where you are getting these prices. Seriously, I'd appreciate it, will place an order once it's been clarified that the handsfree has been fixed. Thanks!
  8. just got my z130

    Could you let us all know about the handsfree phone quality? That is what so many ppl are waiting to see if Pioneer fixed. Thanks.
  9. AVIC-X930BT - no more voice commands?

    Yes, you are right. A look at the official Pioneer manual for the Z130 and X930 confirms that there is no VR for the X.
  10. AVIC-X930BT - no more voice commands?

    I still don't think this information is accurate, and that the 930 may still have VR. If you look closely at the pics, the volume knob has labels for both VR and mute. One could imagine that VR is a quick press and mute is a long press, just like on the F90BT.
  11. just to clarify guys, so I uncompress the data.rar file, then place the data.zip file in the usual My Flash Disk/APL2/iGo/ directory, right? What do I do with the sys.txt, finalnew.ttf, finalold.ttf, and tahoma1.ttf files? thanks in advance...
  12. also noticed a speed increase on my system--anybody play around with different RAM settings and see any results (ie, > or < 2048)? to make this change you'll need to get into test mode. do a search and you'll find a zip file to put on an SD card which will bring the unit into test mode when you do a reset. You may need to recalibrate your screen with your stylus in order to use WinCE.
  13. Hey all, Just intalled my AVIC F90BT in my 5g Prelude, and thanks to this forum with my expectations adjusted I am pretty happy. What do you think we can realistically expect with the next update? What major problems still exist? And what minor problems would be your top preferences for getting addressed?
  14. About to do my install, and just wanted to know how the iPod behaves--will determine which of my iPods I use and where to run the cable... So: - what happens if you're playing from the iPod then turn the car off? - does iPod power down, or stay on? - do you guys leave your ipod connected the whole time? do you run out of charge eventually? - when you turn the car back on, does the iPod automatically start playing again? - if playing from a different audio source, is the ipod on or off? I'd like to just keep my 60g iPod video plugged in and inside the car at all times, basically just using it as a hard drive. I'd also like to use the handfree and voicedialing with my iPhone 3g. So will I be able to keep the iPod video always in the car, and have the AVIC pair over BT with the iPhone 3g for calls without a problem? Thanks in advance guys...
  15. for hibernation--how would it work when you turn the car off? hibernation requires a power down in which the snapshot is taken, usually takes a while.