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  1. Simple question Z120bt 2012 software and Android

    Thank you, I read in a owners manual for the z140bh simply go to AV settings and under appmode control select bluetooth. I was getting things confused with app radio 2, which I guess has some sort of HDMI Android control. As long as I can get Pandora control with album art I think im happy. I gave most features up with the iphone 5 anyway ha. Thanks,
  2. Hey Guys, I never tried using an android phone with the Pioneer Z series since Android compatibility was introduced. I check pioneers website but coming from the iphone, latest being iphone 5, could someone just answer real quick the following? 1. What cable do I need to hook up to the Pioneer? Is it quite simply USB to mini USB or is it something similiar to the cable used for the iphone with a different connector on the end? 2. Are you able to control Pandora and the on board music player app the same as with iphone? 3. How does it support video? and advanced app mode? 3. The phone im getting is the Samsung Galaxy note 2 with android 4.1.x Thanks I appreciate the input, it seems there are few questions asked regarding Android and the pioneer units, so im not sure if that's because it just works with a normal usb cable and the apps like Pandora etc just work, or if the feature isn't all that popular / needed so no one asks about it. Thanks,
  3. iPhone 5 support?

    I havea z 120bt updated to 2012 navteq and an iphone 5, I just got the lightning to 30 pin adapter and it works as before, album art, controls, charging all working. (of course no video, and I never tried it with app radio features, but I saw its not supported so prob wont work.) Its actually pretty nice with the new adapter/8 pin you just plug it in and its secure, small, simple and orientation doesn't matter. It does add a bit of length to the cable but it seems to be fine. And the adapter latches in so it doesn't pull apart. I always found it a bit annoying how you had to line up the 30 pin and orientation and push the tabs on the side to release. Also the inside of the 30 pin cable connector is easy to get lint or something stuck in it. The 8 pin is a real improvement. I think Apple actually did make a wise choice. Yeah the adapter was 30 dollars, But I guess it actually has to convert digital 8 pins to analog 30 pins. So its not like a mini usb to usb or something.
  4. iPhone 5 support?

    http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Apple+Compatibility Pioneer updated their list to show what works with the adapter. What doesn't work is video, and app radio features and app mode video. But Pandora, steering wheel controls, audio and album art all work. So if that's the case I can live with that. Netflix on the head unit was neat but I guess thats history granted I never used it.
  5. I have a feeling going to navteq maps must of broken all VR for poi/address. That is the only thing that explains why they would actually go to less features. And in addition to that with Siri on all the new phones 4S and newer, maybe they thought no one would miss it. Now that the iphone 5 is out, I really wasted my money. Everything is done via bluetooth and I can't seem to get my hands on a 30 pin to lightning adapter. I have a feeling pioneers car audio division is in some deep crap. Factory stereos now have ipod integration and bluetooth audio, along with navigation coming free on the iphone now. Not to mention it doesn't cost 120 dollars a year to remove features and give you slightly more up to date maps. I do miss alburm art and being able to navigate the audio via the screen so I am really hoping the adapter allows all those things to work again. If not I will probably just go back to my cars factory radio that has stereo bluetooth etc.
  6. So usb is for information transfer only album art, forward and back controls, starting up apps like pandora from the head unit. Is video moved over usb or the external cable I wonder?
  7. iPhone 5 support?

    It looks like version of software installed in the unit seems to have something to do with if it will or won't work with the actual lightning to 30 pin adapter. (plugging the cable that comes with the iphone 5 directly into the head unit will not work, period) Also this link: http://www.pioneerel...e Compatibility seems to just talk about out of the box cable that comes with the iphone 5, not the adapter. as mentioned at the top of the page iPhone® 5 with iOS 6 using Lightning to USB cable included with phone I will order the 30 pin to lightning adapter. I have the z120bt with the 2012 update. I am hoping it works but we will see I guess. What a mess changing the adapter created. I guess our work around is putting video on SD cards. But as long as pandora control works and the phone works with PAC steering wheel controls that's all I am really looking for. While bluetooth seems to work ok, you still have to manually bring up the apps on your phone and there is no art work on the unit, only the song/title information.
  8. iPhone 5 support?

    I have to disagree, the iphone 5 is the future of iphone/ipod touch dock interface. The old 30 pin dock connector is history. As far as you're opinion about iphone 5 not being worth an upgrade, it is the biggest change to iphone since its inception. the new dock connector is tiny and slick. I have no idea what the future holds for the new dock and compatibility with the old 30 pin. I hope to be able to plug it into the Z120bt etc, but we will see. I am currently having to use the bluetooth pairing to use audio. It's not bad, you see the song info on the head unit and you can pause/forward/go back using steering wheel controls. No album art but thats the only thing I seem to be missing. Well that and Video and the app radio features that were ported over. The iphone 5 may be sacraficing a 1k radios' advanced abilities, now in that regards perhaps people should wait a few months until the rest of the industry catches up with Apple. BTW I love the iphone 5, big screen is nice, camera is much better, I love being able to take pictures while doing video...It is noticeably faster, and in all honesty my iphone 4s, looks just outdated by comparison. I won't be going back that's for sure. And it is noticably lighter, I love the new textured back, you can hold it almost vertical in your hand and it just sticks. Unlike the iphone 4s which you had to put a zagg or something simliar on it to give it some traction so it wouldn't slip because of the glass back.
  9. New 2012 Map Upgrade at Pioneer website!!!

    Other then the HD radio being built in and style/chassis differences there is zero difference between the features of the Z1xxxxx software upgrade to 2012 (4.00000)and the z140bh. I owend the z140bh and went to the z120bt because it still had voice recognition for address/poi. Now that has been removed from the z series with the 2012 upgrade (aka feature downgrade with newer maps)
  10. New 2012 Map Upgrade at Pioneer website!!!

    Incase you guys didn't se emy other post THE 2012 UPDATE WILL REMOVE VOICE SEARCH FOR POI'S AND ADDRESS! So prepare for a loss of features.
  11. My unit didn't have any issues, granted I haven't used the traffic tuner yet. Try unhooking it and see if it continues.
  12. hey guys just upgraded my z120bt to the 2012 navteq update. I paid 120 dollars for it from navigation.com So here are my observations 5 mins playing with it. 1. Unit is snappier buttons seem to respond much faster when pressed screen touch included along with physical buttons. 2. When the voice recognition button is pressed there are only 3 options available: Search for album and change source and call (someone). Address and poi voice recongition is completely removed/gone.search by artist, gone. 3. Maps are much better, my neighborhood is all there which is really surprising ( about 3 years old) 4. The app radio mode is all crap. it crashes, its slow, and I have to admit its 100 times more distracting then just glimpsing at your phone to get the info. I mean my god its slow and buggy, the app radio app crashed several times in the few minutes I played with it. Motion x wants 25 dollars to upgrade you to the external touch interface. Most other apps are all other country apps. So yeah overall worthless shit. I have to admit im really pissed off they removed voice search for address and Points of interest. There was no warning what so every this was removed. Quite literally this unit is now a 140BH without the HD radio of course. They least they could of done is put a siri button feature in place of the built in VR. Overall I think this will be my last paid for update for pioneer, I feel ripped off they actually removed features without warning. I mean what the hell is up with that.
  13. New 2012 Map Upgrade at Pioneer website!!!

    I think its funny how people pay 120 dollars to say hey please hack this for everyone else to have for free. You know in the end some dude is going to be on ebay charging 50 dollars or something to sell that shit on ebay. 10 or 20 times over. Makes me sick. I ordered mine from navigation.com, I dont know why Pioneer went that route, but my guess is given the ipod integration in all the new cars and navigation built in all the new phones I dont see this market lasting much longer. Its a dying to dead business. I've seen the new Camry's and ford's, its getting pretty close to what we have withe z series. touch screen, usb plug ints of iphones/ipods. My next new car purchase won't be tagging my pioneer along. The whole concept of paying 120 dollars for a map upgrade every year, when I have my ihpone 4s with live maps onj ios 6 being pulled in over 3g or LTE lets say with iphone 5 seems pretty ridiculous. Just a thought.
  14. x920bt firmware and map upgrade to CNSD-210FM for free?

    You know what makes me sick is people are selling this on ebay for 40-50 dollars each. And people are giving it positive ratings not even knowing they could do it for free here! Just go on ebay and search 2011 map upgrade. It's one thing to pirate, its another thing to sell it and make money off pirated material!
  15. jump from z110 to z140

    I went from the x920bt to the z140bh, other then the screen size I actually feel I went backwords in terms of features and quality. I can't return the unit so im going to resell it on amazon or ebay. I went ahead and bought a z120bt and bought the 2011 3.0 update. I really need the 4 volt output and I really want the voice recognition for address entry. So this seems to be the best choice too bad I couldn't of thought of that before and saved the time/money.