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  1. Does this remove the bluriness when then input hits the video driver as opposed to the pre startup direct feed??? I'm using a backup cam and just wanted to know before I try it
  2. Hi, so for the people having trouble with the update to 2.04, I'll explain a little better, download the pioneer 2.03 update and extract it and you'll have a directory called AVICZ110, next download the patch from the link and extract that and you will have two files EU090APL.VER - this goes in the main folder of AVICZ110 and must overwrite the orginal file RenewalIFLib.dll - this file goes into the APL folder inside the AVICZ110 directory and overwrite the orginal file now put the AVICZ110 directory and a freshly formatted Micro SD and insert it... The update will start automatic
  3. Put everything from the SD1 directory to the root of the sd card and it will work
  4. HI MaSta, yes to confirm the maps are for US/CAN from the link above, and when you update to 2.04 it only updates one or two files so you can update to 3.01 and new maps
  5. Ok so I confirm this works and the unit is updated with no problems, I wanted to wait till I drove 50 kms before posting that it works just in case... The procedure is quite easy, download the crack above and the official 2.03 update from pioneer, overwrite the two files in the official update and put that on a SD card and the system will update to version 2.04 Next once that is done, take the SD1 dir from the update file and put that on a SD (needs to be bigger then 2gig) insert SD like normal and the system will ask a few questions say yes/ok to all and once you are presented with a
  6. HI Johnny, yeah I do live in a bad part of town and thanks for the concern, and yes a bestbuy did have this as an in store demo for a year and half and never sold it, very interesting isn't it... So yes I'm sure it is an open box and I even purchased a 2 year extended garantee from them as it was a demo... So hopefully that answers your questions... Back to the subject at hand, I'm guessing no one has tried this? Guess I'll try it out tonight and I'll let everyone know how it goes
  7. Hi All, First off i must say I love this site and have been using for years, ever since I first bought my Z1, I've followed upgrade instructions switching hds, map upgrades the works... Even my f900bt had all the upgrades thanks to the fx3.1 patch and the mods.... So I really have to say you guys in this domaine are amazing... But alas my last two avics are gone now (stolen ) and I now have a brand new slightly used demo of a x920bt, cost $400 at bestbuy as an open box... So here is the story so far installed the unit into my car from previous Z1 install, and I've done the bypass p
  8. HI All, if anyone can upload this to rapidshare or an ftp that would be great, I"m downloading this torrent too at like 5000 bytes a sec I kinda wanted to do this upgrade before summer lol. If anyone can do this it would be greatly appeciated Thanks Star
  9. Thanks for the info guys, actually th f900bt is for my Jeep I've had the z1 in my XG350 for over a year now and no problems just wanted to make sure that the unit worked lol. Reason for going to a flash unit I figure going off road with a hard drive based unit will eventually kill it as my Jeep likes the bumps. Is the 900 really that bad I've read just about all the posts here and from waht I can see the last firmware upgrade and a bit of hacking seem to make it very functional. Thanks again
  10. Are the connectors the same can I just swap them out, I see it can be done with D3 previuos installs has anyone tried the z series previous wiring? Thanks
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