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  1. MSN Direct to be shut down

    Well, actually it doesn't seem like they have a plan. Got this response from them: "We do not have a replacement product at this time, and no information as to what may be available in 2011 or 2012."
  2. AVIC Z1/Z2/Z3 Upgrade to AVIC Z3 w/2009 Maps

    There's some weird file locking protocol that activates on SOME units with SOME file system changes. All we really know (last I checked) is that hitting retry a million times is the way to get around it, and still don't know what causes it, how to know if it'll happen, or how to prevent it.
  3. MSN Direct to be shut down

    They'll probably release an update to use the GEX-P10XMT for NavTraffic
  4. Hacking Z3 maps?

    Won't work.
  5. Z3 Nav won't switch DAY to NIGHT

    Illumination wire should be hooked up to the illumination wire of your car.
  6. AVIC-Z3 Hard Drive Image **OFFICIAL**

    I'm seeding the torrent at 7 Mbps for the weekend
  7. AVIC-Z3 Hard Drive Image **OFFICIAL**

    Heh, ok everybody, fire up your torrent clients tonight... I'll be seeding with no upload cap overnight.
  8. Z2 background illumination Feature ?

    Good thing you PMed me, dick.
  9. z2 bypass problem, only works when im stopped

    bypass was not done correctly
  10. SSD, Here we go...

    Read any of the other threads to learn why disabling locking is necessary. With the current SSD drives, disabling locking is not possible, and we do not yet know if they encounter the rebooting issue.
  11. Shutting down Z3 Image server

    Shutdown was 7:22pm CST on 2/21/09 Nobody contacted me to rehost
  12. Shutting down Z3 Image server

    mad baller, son
  13. Shutting down Z3 Image server

    I moved in October and am finally heading back to pull the equipment from my old datacenter. Sadly I won't have the capacity to host the image anymore, at least until Summer. If anybody would like to rehost (dedicated only), I'll be happy to work with you to get the files and permissions set up if you don't know how. Be forewarned, the image files generated about 12 terrabytes of traffic in the 10 months I've had it. Planned shutdown is 2/22/09 The torrent will remain active (though I'm the only person seeding at 10K/s)
  14. SOUND

  15. Z-Series physical mod

    Does the Z have a remote? (I bought mine used so I may have just not received a remote). If it doesn't, how would you do this? It comes w/ the steering wheel remote, and the creditcardlooking ones are available