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  1. AVIC Z1/Z2/Z3 Upgrade to 2012 TomTom Maps Released!

    I think you found your issue from the post in the other section. I responded to it there. Good luck.
  2. I would concur. The original HDD should always work as long as it originally came from that particular Avic. You can't swap original drives between multiple Avics unless it is unlocked. You may just have a loose internal IDE cable.
  3. HDD unlocking FREE

    You are not missing any steps. Contact the ebay seller and request a replacement as it's defective or they installed software incorrectly on the drive.
  4. Strange problems opening and closing

    See post here: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/21091-dis-assemby-photos-and-instructions/page-2?hl=rack&do=findComment&comment=272881
  5. Z2 maps anyone?

    There is a whole thread just below this one with details on the 2010 DIY upgrade. A link to the torrent is on the 7th page. If you are looking the "easy" way, you can still buy the upgrade from Pioneer's website.
  6. Anybody know where I can get the rca plugs?

    They are about $40 each on ebay.
  7. Help setting the clock

    It the system settings, there is an option for DST and time zone. Actual time is from sat signal.
  8. HDD not found?

    Does your USB adapter have a separate power supply? The drive will NOT power with USB power. If the drive is working in the AVIC, but not spinning up connected to the PC, confirm the power source...
  9. HDD not found?

    Once it's unlocked correctly with the test disc, you can access it just like any other hard drive. Sounds like it's not unlocked, drive failed, or you connected the 3-1 incorrectly and fried the drive.
  10. What happened to our classifieds?

    Still in the same place and active. Not many posts, as we remove them when items are sold or ad expires.
  11. AVIC Z2 - RCA 1 connector pins layout

    See my post and link in this post: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/35680-avic-z1-wiring-and-pin-location-for-rca-connectors/?fromsearch=1
  12. SSD, Here we go...

    Nothing successful.
  13. Z2 no DVD audio after bypass

    I assume you have an AMP, either factory or aftermarket... I think your system is not wired correctly. There are 2 blue wires on the back of the Z. One is for 'power antenna' (only hot when listening to the radio, the other is hot anytime the system is powered up. It appears that your system has an amp and the AMP turn on wire is connected to the power antenna lead. You can confirm this by changing settings. Go to the AV settings menu, select the System Settings tab, change "Auto ANT" from "Radio" to "Power". I am willing to bet that your amp will now turn on and sound will work with library, DVD, etc.
  14. gracenote and map update. who can do for me.

    Latest Gracenotes is July 2013. There is still only 1 way to add music to the HDD (rip the CD). You can upgrade maps, POI, etc without losing your music. Options that will retain music: 1. Buy the official Pioneer update DVD 2. Download the upgrade image and follow the instructions that are posted with the download. See hacks section for the torrent link.
  15. Z2 cannot use hdd? with a new replaced harddrive

    LOL. That could do it.