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  1. Hi I have the very same problem with my AVH-Z9200DAB could anyone here who solved this please let me know how I can fix thanks
  2. Any chance you might share a copy of the image you got I have been trying to find one for about a year now?
  3. The file you want is the one listed in the post above part no QXX3352 but I don’t think you will find anyone posting a copy on here I have been looking for it for about six months and nobody has posted it yet , If you find a copy please let me know thanks
  4. I’m pretty sure that’s a 4400 image because there isn’t a genuine 4500 image on here if there was though I think it would work perfectly with the Z9200DAB. I am also looking for the same as you.
  5. Which 4500NEX image did you use?
  6. Thanks for looking I thought as much after seeing this.
  7. Does anybody know if the AVH-W4500NEX and the AVH-Z9200DAB firmware are the same, according to a service manual I have seen the first few pages of they share the sane SD card part number. Could someone with a genuine 4500NEX sysd.conf file check this out please. kind regards
  8. Do you have a backup image of AVH-Z9200DAB thatI can use to restore my device any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  9. Thank you so much sir I have bought a good quality card and will try the Linux method described in one of your posts, that’s when I figure out how to add Linux to my machine. thank you very much for your help.
  10. Do you think it worked? I’m researching how to add a Linux partition to my computer did that one definitely work thanks again
  11. I appreciate the help thanks very much but I am no wiser. I am new to this and what I really need is for someone to help me through the process preferably on a windows machine as I don’t have access to one with Linux. Thanks again
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