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  1. I can CONFIRM. putting a new image ver 1.02 on a new card fixed my wireless auto connect issue. and since the new SD card is better than the crappy pioneer one, I feel the response time / loading is much faster than before
  2. Hi, is this video from the DVD player ?
  3. can someone explain what this do please ? doe sit apply to 4400NEX
  4. I put an image 1.0 on SD card for 4400NEX , but i needed the 1.02 . Can the SD card be formatted or re-flashed ? is the SD card useless at this point and i need a new SD card ? Any external tools/software to force formatting the SD card ? Thanks for the help in advance
  5. Hi, Anybody have a link to download 1.01 image for 4400NEX ? Thanks in advance
  6. i thought that password works on 1.01 but not 1.02 . am i wrong ?
  7. can this card be duplicated/ copied ? can you upload the content for us to use ?
  8. Hi, Stereo 4400 NEX / firmware 1.02 I have the issue of wireless carplay not auto connect to my iphone 13 when i get in the car (only works when i manually sync it ) . stereo shows the old iphone ( iphone 10). resetting everything and restore factory settings doesnt change anything, old phone still showing Can i reflash the stereo from an outside storage ? or i have to open the device and flash the "internal" sd card. What are my options ? everything else other than wireless car play works fine
  9. how thick is the plastic ? i dont have a dremel , im planning to use a razor / box cutter to make a that rectangle shape. is there a way to keep the slide down without remove the negative battery side ?
  10. is there a bypass for 4400NEX ? what AA stands for?
  11. someone/creator/op need to confirm if this project still active .. and fix the Jenkins site
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