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  1. The Ebay guy claims to have copied an original card. He even calls out the fake cards. Hence it was weird his didn't work with Maestro but OEM replacement did.
  2. Mine says 1.06 too. Maybe they fixed some of these latent issues in 1.06. It is weird that it's not publicly available. The Ebay card is 1.02.
  3. Also, isn’t the underlying problem that the 16GB card fills up with logs or something? So wouldn’t a 32GB last longer?
  4. The OEM replacement card worked with my Maestro no problem. So an image from it should too. I can test that with a burner card when I have time.
  5. Will 32GB work? I too was struggling to find 16GB. I was going to use a copy and not the original but said screw it. I don't trust Amazon for SD cards.
  6. I bought the official replacement card. QXX3352 from pacparts.com. The Maestro started working again right away. So something is up with the Ebay cards. The seller wanted me to change the device ID to fix it and sent a PDF instruction. Even though his image is supposedly straight from an original... I also made a backup image of the card for when this happens again. Here is the sha256sum hash: 1cf66153e6dcc1e0b09d7bf39719cb7278307567c287a174ce13e3a7d8dcc52a
  7. Did anyone fix the iDataLink Maestro RR issue for w4500nex without having to purchase OEM? I purchased an SD card off Ebay (this guy: https://www.ebay.com/itm/133889598926) and it, too, won't work with Maestro RR. It sucks not having steering wheel controls but it also causes phantom draining and killing my battery. It took me a while to figure out and 3 Costco warrantied batteries. If I pull the fuses on the radio, no more dead batteries. The Ebay firmware did fix the boot loop but I guess it is not fully compatible with the w4500nex -- likely just the modified w4400 firmware as outlined here
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