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  1. If you pulled this card from a working 4200 then the card is password protected. Once you place the stock sd card in a unit and turn it on the unit it will protect the card.
  2. There is nothing that I know of that can be done once the sd card is locked. Someone else can chime in if they have an answer.
  3. Once the sd card is placed in a unit and turned on the card becomes password protected. There are people here who say they know that password but I do not. Even if I did, I do not know how to unlock the card. Maybe others can help.
  4. I believe that both my usb and sd card are formatted in FAT32. My usb is only 128gb, can’t remember the size of the sd card. Both work fine.
  5. Good Luck brother. Hope it works for you since it did for me.
  6. Once you put it in your unit it will lock the card and you won’t be able to do any other thing with it like create an image.
  7. When I received my new sd card, I used Linux Mint with an external card reader that plugged into a usb port to create an image file that I then put that image on a Sandisk 16gb card. Windows will not read that card because it is an android program. Now I suppose you could get some program for Windows to read that card but I am no computer guru so I don’t know Linux Mint work great for me.
  8. I did not have this issue when I did mine. Is it possible to try another touch screen from a friend to see if it reacts the same ?
  9. May or may not be related. When I got my 4500, I purchased the parking brake bypass and installed it on my unit. Worked great then on down the road eventually I started getting notices on the unit that the parking brake was not engaged, even if it was a function that didn’t need it engaged. Nothing had changed, I hadn’t moved the unit or the wiring. Then other things started happening untill the unit didn’t work any more. Turns out it was the firmware issue. I replaced the firmware and now all is well. Hope that is not the problem but something to think about.
  10. It is my understanding that the unit password protects the cards and nobody here that I am aware of knows the password. I’m pretty sure I seen a posting here of someone who used, I believe it was Disc Manager, to re-format the cards.
  11. This is just my opinion but the bottom of the screen comes out and the top drops down. I would try to pry out the bottom, carefully, and push down the top. Granted I have never done this but I don’t remember it “latching” when it closes. Then then if it comes out there is a little slider latch, I think it is on the right side, that you move to remove the faceplate from the holding track. Sorry I am currently in my wife car and don’t have access to my unit right. I mean shucks what do you have to lose by trying. Just my opinion.
  12. Glad something I posted actually helped someone here. Great News on you fixing the issue.
  13. Looks like the firmware is on the Pioneer website for this unit. Free.
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