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  1. I would like to know if you get this card or not. I ordered it on October 5th and have yet to receive it.
  2. I tried, I thought I had a good case. Never got the item, paid for it but never got it. This is what eBay said. The seller provided tracking information that shows the shipping carrier tried to deliver the item to your address. You can pick it up from the shipping carrier. After reviewing all the details of this case, we determined that you won't receive a refund. I even went to my loca
  3. I think you did a fine job, especially not taking that plastic plate off the unit. I noticed when I did take that front plate off that there was a ridge/markings that help me make the slot in the correct spot. The entire time spend was maybe half an hour, and I did not disconnect the battery cables since I pulled the unit out of the dash. FYI, still haven’t gonna the new sd card from Russia. Seems to have been “lost in the mail”. Seller won’t send me another. Live and learn I guess. $65 lesson.
  4. I have the W4500 that started going wacky in September, first it started in the boot loop, then it started working again, well somewhat working. Anyhow I ended up here looking for an answer, watched a few videos and ended up ordering the car from Russia on October 3rd. I took the front off the unit and cut out the slot with a 3/8 drill and a file for when the sd card shows up I am ready to switch it out. Haven’t seen it yet. Maybe I should have ordered the card from Pioneer but I called them and asked if the software came with the sd card for $100, they told me no. So I called a supplier of th
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