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  1. If I remember correctly there was something in the The AVIC Development Mod thread. But it involves modifying the software on the sd card to get the “caution” screen to go away. Since I own a w4500 I’m not sure if it would be the same for your unit. On mine it goes away after a minute or so, I just pay no attention to it. Just trying to point you in the right direction. I am no coder, but maybe asd255 can help, he seems to me to be very knowledgeable about these units.
  2. Glad I was some kinda help. Definitely worked for me, made it easy peasy. And if it happens again, burn a new card and replace the card.
  3. List of Units in sysd.conf part #QXX3352 Avh-w4400nex Avh-z9100dab Avh-z9100bt Avh-z9150bt Avh-z9190bt Avh-z9180tv Avic-w8400nex Avic-z910dab Avic-z810dab Avic-w6400nex Avic-z710dab Avic-z610bt Avh-w4500nex Avh-z9200dab Avh-z9200bt Avh-z9250bt Avh-z9290bt Avh-z9280tv Avic-w8500nex Avic-z920dab Avic-z820dab Avic-w6500nex Avic-z720dab Avic-z620bt
  4. I have the official w4500 firmware and looking thru the sysd.conf file I seen there settings in it for 26 different models. One being the AVH-Z9200DAB.
  5. I just hope it helps you. I was frustrated for a long time reading any and everything I could on here before I finally got it right. Good luck.
  6. When I used it I used a cheap sd card I bought on Amazon. It worked for a while, a very short while. Then I ponied up and bought a 16gb, class 10 San Disc sd card. Used my Linux Mint to image it on there and have no issues since. I might have screwed it up in the Windows machine, it was my first attempt at doing this or it just might’ve been the cheap card.
  7. I had used a Windows machine to make a backup of mine but I am not sure that it worked for me. I ended up using Linux Mint, using the dd command to make a back image. Does this help ?
  8. Q#1. I would think that if there is power going thru the unit you should be able to tell. Q#2. No, I do not believe so. Q#3. I personally have not seen this. Q#4. I think that a loose or incorrectly attached ribbon cable could cause this. If you or a friend has a voltage meter I would check the plug that plugs into the back of the unit to see if it is getting power. That’s the first thing I would do, could be a blown fuse.
  9. This is just my experience with a 4500. I tried putting the image on an SD card using windows and it failed, the unit still didn’t work. Then I used a Linux machine to put the image on a card and it worked. I believe there is a 4400 file here somewhere. If you have it then try using a different image burner, or like I did a Linux machine. Just my experience.
  10. It was quite awhile back and I am not here to bad mouth anyone. It was a Russian seller on eBay. I just wanted my unit fixed. When it was due to arrive on beautiful sunny day, with my mailbox right at the clean, clear, not blocked road it was marked undeliverable. I filed a dispute and lost, never seen the firmware or the money I spent on it.
  11. In the configuration file of the software I got. It had multiple units in there. If I get the chance today I will look in there and see if the 4100 was in there.
  12. I also ordered the card from eBay, never got it. I tried the 4400 firmware posted here, it didn’t work correctly in my unit. Myself, I was tired of my unit working half-a$$ed so it was MY choice to purchase the card from PacParts and I just wish I would have done it first because my unit works just like it is supposed to, and I did the same exact thing @fry did. So if it ever happens again I have a backup copy. If I recommend purchasing it, it is because it worked for me, all the other things didn’t. Happy you got your unit working, but I am also happy I got mine working also. Good Luck.
  13. Did you check PacParts?
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