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  1. I purchased one of the official Pioneer SD cards for the AVH-W4500NEX from PacParts.com. Part number QXX3352 (https://www.pacparts.com/part.cfm?part_no=QXX3352&mfg=Pioneer).
  2. Exactly what I did. @fry glad that it worked for you also.
  3. @fry if this is still going on after school starts I might be to jump in and help. I am not very Linux fluent but I’d like to think I a quick learner. But currently I am trying to raise 2 grandchildren (6 & 16) and am awful busy with them. Good thing am retired. Just keep me in mind.
  4. This is where I found the information. b. Creating dd disk image (file image) You can create an image of a disk or a file image. Backing up a disk to an image will be faster than copying the exact data. Also, disk image makes the restoration much easier. sudo dd if=/dev/sda of=/tmp/sdadisk.img You can store the output file where you want but you have to give a filename ending with .img an extension. Instead of /tmp/sdadisk.img, you could store it for example at /sdadisk.img if you want. e. Restoring a disk or a partition image Save a disk or a partition helps to resto
  5. Yes I will. I am currently not home but when I get there I will lookup the exact command lines and post them for you.
  6. I used the “dd” command on a Linux laptop to create an .img file onto the laptop, using Linux Mint 14.5. Then I once again used the “dd” command to place that image into the Sandisk SD card. Just glancing at the to cards they looks identical. So I put the Sandisk card into my w4500 and haven’t taken it out yet. Works perfectly. Does this help ?
  7. I cannot confirm this. I have an iPhone and no steering wheel controls on my truck. But I am using a file purchased from PacParts. Expensive but it works fine. It also was not password locked so I purchased a 16gb Sandisk SD card and put the image on it saving the original in case this happens again.
  8. Hopefully this will help you. When I took my unit (w4500) out of my truck I cut a hole in it so if something didn’t go right I could easily access the sd reader for the firmware. I acquired the firmware, and burnt it to a 16gb sd card. It worked but not correctly. I used a Windows Img burner to do this. So I then purchased a 16gb Sandisk SD card, real nice one and I used my Linux machine to burn the image to this card. Haven’t had not even one issue since. I am going to try to attach a photo of my unit. Top slot is the user assessable SD slot, the bottom one is the slot for the firmware.
  9. Once the img is placed on the sd card it cannot be read by a Mac or a Windows machine only a Linux machine. Once you put it in the w4500 and try to boot it will be locked so it cannot be read at all except for the pioneer unit. Does this help.
  10. I found this in another thread. Hope it helps. You can do it by entering test mode and copying and/or deleting the user profile. Grad the test file from here: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/81469-avic-development-mod-device-backup/%C2%A0for%C2%A0this. copyit to a usb stick, insert to your pioneer HU and start the device. Choose file maintenance and enter the extdata partition look up user and there you have it.
  11. How about the google drive link a couple of posts before yours. Seems to work for me. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FhhDuE2QdXU0mvF_G7n_8hURPUZ0Jb7R/view?usp=sharing
  12. Great News.
  13. SD card failure is what I have read. Cheap or too full of error logs is my understanding.
  14. Not a problem. Happy to help anyone I can. I spent a lot of time on this website reading thru threads and trying different things to get my 4500 back to working again.
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