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  1. Appradio Stuck in Demo Mode

    Perhaps the power isnt hooked up properly? I would imagine if the radio is losing all power when the key is turned off then the "demo mode" feature will reset. Make sure constant power is hooked up correctly. I just installed one into a portable demo box here (plugged into the wall) and demo mode never goes away no matter how many times i power it down. im just assuming/hoping its because its losing all power similar to a dead battery in a car.
  2. A few things come to mind. 1) Automotive electronics cannot be compared to others because your iPad doesn't spend 24 hours a day outside in below freezing and 100+ degree temperatures all while being bounced around by the vibrations on the highway. im sure that adds to the equation. 2) it may also come down to the market for a particular item. there are millions of iphones out there while Pioneer nav systems probably only number in the tens of thousands. if pioneer were selling as many navs as apple is selling iphones the costs would definitely drop. 3) there is the costs of the extra hardware like radio tuners, CD players, RCA outputs, etc. while cost might be minimal they are requirements that an iphone or ipad doesnt have. 4) since a navigation headunit is much much larger and heavier than an iphone or ipad the transportation costs will be greater. shipping 1000 navigations from japan may take an entire container or more whereas shipping 1000 iphones may take few pallets. 5) further, the costs of an iphone is subsidised by the money you pay for service from AT&T or Verizon. they can afford to "lose" money on the device if they are going to make substantially more from the serivce over the longrun. there is no source of recurring income for headunit manufactuers. while i wish they didnt cost as much as they do i'm sure there are plenty of reasons for it. if Pioneer could sell an impressive nav for $499 and still make a prodit im sure they would.
  3. HU intergration with back up sensors

    we use Steelmate parking sensors here at our shop. This kit comes with mercedes-style displays and works very well. http://www.steel-mate.com/product.php?pid=597482&lang=enus&cid=72279&product=Front_&_rear_PTS_with_automatic_radio__mute_function_and_two_slim_LED_displays Rosen makes reverse sensors that integrate with their nav screen to show you on the screen how close you are to an obstcal. For my own car though I would go with the Steelmate kit.
  4. GPS acting wierd

    more than likely it can be fixed but it will have to be shipped to Pioneer or United Radio for that.
  5. Maps...Have they updated them?

    Overall the new X and Z units are MUCH MUCH MUCH better than the old F series. Hands down, no comparison. However, the F series, and the X910 had a different navigation interface that some people prefer over the new one. Inlcude me in this group. I have an X910 and use a Z120 a lot while at work and I like the navigation one the X better. But, when it comes to speed, reliability, features, etc...the new X and the Z take the cake.
  6. GPS acting wierd

    I believe the Z3 reads the maps directly from the disc in real time. the disc stays in the unit. it does not upload the new maps to the hard drive.
  7. GPS acting wierd

    Updates are obtained directly from Pioneer. 2011 Updates are not yet available but here is a link to the Map Updates page http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Car/Accessories/Map-Upgrades
  8. Maps...Have they updated them?

    This may not solve you problem, but just as RonS said, sometimes you do need to zoom in order to see the smaller streets, and may need to zoom in more to see those smaller streets' names. However, since your neighborhood does not seem to be in the map data at all, no amount of zooming is going to change that. all you can do is report the missing streets to Tele Atlas. They are the company that provides the map data to Pioneer and many other navigation manufaturers. Garmin uses NAVTEQ which is the reason it shows up on the Garmin and not on the Pioneer. Not that NAVTEQ is necessarily better than Tele Atlas, but they both collect and distribute map data and NAVTEQ may have just gotten feedback on your neighborhood that Tele Atlas did not. http://mapinsight.teleatlas.com/mapfeedback/index.php Take a closer look at that website. You should check out the map on their website to see if perhaps your neighborhood is list in their most current data. if so, you do not need to report anything because they have already fixed the error. this will also LIKELY mean that the newest Pioneer update will have that data on there.
  9. Maps...Have they updated them?

    Is your complaint that it doesn't show the street names on the map or does it not even show that the street exists at all? any map errors or feedback should be reported to TeleAtlas/TomTom at http://mapinsight.teleatlas.com
  10. GPS acting wierd

    Could be the GPS antenna or it could be a problem with the gyroscope inside the unit. Try replacing and/or relocating the antenna and see what happens.
  11. We installed our first Z130 this week and while demoing the unit to the customer I came across a strange glitch with the VR for address input. Our office is located in Arlington, Virginia. When you tell the VR to search in "Arlington" it will say "That address does not exist". Sometimes the unit will ask you to clarify the city so it will say "1) Arlington 2) Arrington 3) Farmington" and when you say "Number one" it will respond with "That address does not exist" again. You can type in the address manually and it has no problem but for some reason only "Arlington" comes back with that response in VR entry. Can others give this a try to see if its a universal issue? State - Virginia, City - Arlington You will notice that there are 2 "Arlington"s in Virginia if you type it in manually but this was also the case on the Z120 and did not cause any problems. After saying "Alrington" it should ask you to select the one you want. Any feedback would be great. Thanks!
  12. More than likely a new Mic will not solve your bluetooth problems. Lots of people have bluetooth quality issues but some don't so its kind of strange. People have tried moving the mic, using a garmin or parrot mic but with no clear results. Unfortunately, it could be the bluetooth processor inside the unit that is the source of the problems. On another note, here is a link to an iPad dash kit for the car.
  13. Gps signal issue

    It could be any of the above. It could be a bad antenna. it could be that the antenna wire is pinched or crimped somewhere along the way. or it could be the X920 itself. you'll probably be able to rule out/confirm the first two once you install the new antenna. take your time and make sure the wire doesnt get pinched anywhere. if you still have problems it very well may be the unit itself.
  14. Bluetooth does not pair with any phones

    Go to your bluetooth setup screen and scroll all the way down to where it says "Bluetooth Software Update". Is the Version: field blank? If so, that means the system has stopped recognizing the bluetooth software (not sure why, it could have gotten corrupted somehow). But it is an easy fix. You need to download the latest bluetooth software from Pioneer's website and load it onto an SD card to then load it onto your nav. Follow this link then click on the "Firmware" link on the left side: http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Car/GPS-Navigation/AVIC-F700BT
  15. x930bt netflix

    This is worth keeping. I do not see anything in the manual about app mode. I would like to know the limitations if anyone else has any input. it seems odd that it would only work with the iPhone4. Especially since the software is all the same (assuming you have upgraded to 4.0+) The manual only mentions that you need version 3.0 in order to use Pandora or Aha Radio.