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  1. I was wondering if anyone else has had a problem with their iPhone (I have 6s) with ios 9.2 update. Since I did that update, when I plug the phone into the ipod connector (I use the 30pin to lightening adapter), Pandora starts instead of the ipod function. Up until that point when you plugged it in, the ipod function would start if it was on another function or if it was the last thing selected. I have never used the Pandora feature in the car, so not sure what triggered that. Just wondering if I'm alone on this... I guess if you use Pandora all the time, maybe you wouldn't notice?
  2. 2015 Avic Z120 map update

    Ok, as a wrap up I disconnected the battery and iPhone (6s), now works as it did before. So the battery thing does work, thanks to all who suggested it. Also the Navi.exe that MPTonyT posted up works just fine for anyone with questions of it's functionality. Thanks MPTony!
  3. 2015 Avic Z120 map update

    Thanks for the clarification Ron. I saw where you had pointed out the difference in the NDATA files, but did not realize that they were all present on both. It was a little cloudy as to exactly what happened, well it could be me loosing some details while reading all nine pages of the thread... Thank you for the work to get this going.
  4. 2015 Avic Z120 map update

    There are those at any site, but the main reason I continue with most sites is for the few that you know appreciate what you have contributed and for the knowledge learned. It's pretty much like the whole rest of the world, but you have to keep going and can't let it get you down. I know it sounds like I am the perpetual optimist, but far from that. I am the guy that always expects the worst and sometimes you're pleasantly surprised here and there when it turns out otherwise. Ok, that all aside, I do want to thank you as I think I've figured out that all of the versions apparently were built off of your first donation. I was able to download the "newer" version and put back the proper cardinfo file for the "older" version. Your suggestion worked just fine, installed with no issues. Thank you. Also thanks for the nag fix file, I will be installing that tomorrow if I get time. Also thanks to Pionara, RonS, and the many others who worked on this project. Now hopefully after I disconnect power it will recognize my iPhone again. Right now it just comes up and nothing can connect to it. Seems the power disconnect fixed many peoples problems. Crossing my fingers.... On a side note, since some were having trouble, I used 8gb micro SD cards w/ adapter for almost every update and/or moding on this thing. They are not the "high speed" variety and I format with windows "default" allocation size option.
  5. 2015 Avic Z120 map update

    So no trouble? I had read that RonS said the early release had more files included... Or is this later model upload constructed from the earlier and patched? That would make sense, it would have all the files. I'll give it a go. Thanks
  6. 2015 Avic Z120 map update

    Sorry to see that, I understand. I've been in the same boat on many sites. I was one of the several who chipped in to buy the 2013 update and upload and it was amazing how little appreciation was shown. Not to say it wasn't, but by a significant minority.
  7. 2015 Avic Z120 map update

    Long read on this one, but looks like a lot of hard work by several... Unfortunately I just tried the latest link for the Z110 and it appears to be down. Any one able to put back up? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Z120BT iPod Issue/Question

    Looked today and there are no choices on the phone. I deleted the pairing and tried again. When the phone is discovered and paired it says it is paired as a bluetooth audio device. In the AVIC connection details there are three options, Handsfree and audio, audio, and handsfree. Selecting handsfree only says it is already connected. doesn't seem you can turn the audio part off. I'm starting to wonder if this is a firmware issue between apple and pioneer...
  9. It could be a voltage spike feeding back through the system. Most electromechanical devices (relays, fuel injectors, etc.) have a high voltage spike (300-400v) for a very, very short time when turned off , but can have a smaller spike when turned on after the coil fully energizes. Not 100% sure, but it sure sounds like it. The spike will go through almost everything in the car connected to the battery, so moving the tap location may not resolve the issue. RF interference is rarely the cause of a system shut down/reboot, usually just causes noise. I had cheap aftermarket HIDs in the previous car my Z110BT was in, no performance issues other than some minor noise on FM here and there. Shielding the wires to the bulbs knocked 90% of that down. aluminum foil with a ground strap worked ok for that. (not pretty, but effective) Two possible solutions I can suggest for your problem, check to see if the relay has a diode across the windings section of the relay. These will usually prevent the spike, replace with one that does if not (napa auto parts should have something that will work, air conditioning compressor relays usually have the diode). Second choice is add a diode inline to the supply lines to the radio, use one with enough current capacity to handle the load on the HU (i think 10amp on these units) and enough reverse voltage rating to prevent the spike (say 500 - 1000v). I worked in the automotive industry for 20 years or so and found this to be a problem with electronics in cars that were not protected enough against this. A small capacitor across the input lines (power to ground) with the diode never hurts either. Make sure it has a high voltage rating also. should be able to get something at a radio shack or the likes, if not digikey.com... I'd try the relay first since removing it seems to resolve the problem.
  10. Z120BT iPod Issue/Question

    Same here, it is definitely when the bluetooth connection occurs. On a start up and you connect the phone, the ipod starts playing until the connection is made, then it pauses. You can hit play again and it is good to go for the rest of the drive. Also if you wait to connect the cable until the bluetooth connects the problem does not occur. I am using the pioneer cable purchased from pioneer, no problems with unit before iphone 3g. Just hooked the unit back up in my replacement car after about a year. Not sure if it did this before ios 5.1 update either... I looked on the phone for the BT audio settings, but they may not be there while not connected to BT? I'll have to check when I have it in there tomorrow.
  11. Z110BT USA Upgrade with CSND-210FM (2011)

    Finally did the upgrade last night... Worked like a charm. When from 1.000 on a Z110 to the 3.000 no problems at all. Thanks to all, expecially Shortfuse! Best $11 i've ever spent! Now to get the unit into the car again... been sitting on the shelf since Feb 2010 when my old car got bent in half by the stupid old woman in the mercedes that thought crusing throught the stop sign at 35mph into the door of my car was a good idea. B1tch...
  12. Z110BT USA Upgrade with CSND-210FM (2011)

    Wow, I forgot to check back and see if the cards had been received and uploaded for a week... It's been busy on here... Downloading now, will upload at 900k for about a week or so, most likely more because I'll forget it's running... Thanks to all the others who donated and those who are seeding. Looks like I'll have it in about 8 minutes start to finish... Also, has anyone successfully done the 1.000 Z110BT to 3.0 thing yet? I saw some suggestions about only possibly needing to do the shortfuse to get to 1.002 and then go right on to the latest. I'm wondering if anyone has tested that theory...
  13. Z110BT USA Upgrade with CSND-210FM (2011)

    Just sent mine.
  14. Z110BT USA Upgrade with CSND-210FM (2011)

    If you are still taking donations, I'm in. Let me know where to send the $.