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  1. I tried deleting the /USER/PRG.FLG and rebooting but it didn't work for me. I deleted the USER file all together and replaced it with my back up file which brought me back to 2.00. I then just did the update to 2.03 and then finally 3.01 and added the modified navi.exe in APL. I've since backed up my current USER file and would think that if I ever do find an update that retains the VR NAV feature, I'll try again. What I found when I updated directly to 5.00/5.01 was that I didn't get any of the features added in 4.6 in the 2012 map update, and my VR was buggy. Cool thing is when I reverted it kept the BT firmware update. I initially tried just to update the BT firmware but it would not recognize it. BT is working fine.
  2. Ha! Found my file! mischief managed!
  3. Hey anyone remember what the offset and change needed for Z120 with 3.00? like a fool I updated to 5.1, nuked the VR navi feature hoping for better functionality and found that the update gave me the new maps alright, but for some reason VR commands were buggy. Did the nag screen mod ages ago when Pionara first posted it and cant find the modded navi.exe file I saved in case I decided to update, or revert. Navteq / Pioneer really blew it removing the VR Nav feature from the current updates, that was the whole reason I bought the AVIC-Z120BT! I reverted and managed to keep the 3.32 BT firmware which was somewhat worth the trouble
  4. "No Applicable Program" -HELP!

    Actually did I keep the BT firmware update from CNSD-310FM/UC. works perfectly on my 4s or my new i5 with 6.1.4 released today
  5. "No Applicable Program" -HELP!

    Thanks RonS, I think I could have saved myself some time and panic if I had backed up my User file Before jumping to the 2012 update. My last resort was to dig up my original user back up, along with the original firmware to set the z120 back to stock. I'll write out a step by step guide and post it in Hacks/Mods for those who want to revert back to their last firmware/2011 maps. I'm pretty pissed off that Pioneer would delete the VR features, and I called my Pioneer rep to ask why, he actually had no clue! (not really surprised).
  6. "No Applicable Program" -HELP!

    Done, Done and Done! My Z120BT is now back to where it was before the 2012 Map update! just couldn't live without the NAV VR feature! I do a lot of driving for work and its great to be able to verbally input a new destination on the fly. If Pioneer ever puts out an update with NAVTEQ maps again and it allows us to keep the VR features (which was the main reason I bought a Z120BT!) then I'll update. Will attempt the NAG screen hack tomorrow! THEN, on to iPhone 5 compatibility!! Just waiting for my 30 pin to Lightening adapter to come in, to test it out!
  7. "No Applicable Program" -HELP!

    OK, recovered the USER file and restored it from my original back up, and reloaded ver 2.00. She's back to virgin status! So now to upgrade to 2.03, and then to the 2.04 hack. deep breaths!
  8. "No Applicable Program" -HELP!

    no dice, starting to panic. I'm going to try and reload 140 back onto it with the new 2012 maps etc. Fingers are crossed!
  9. Tried to force write my Z120BT back to 2.03 from the Z140 update, now I get no applicable program after reboot! worried that I've bricked the unit! I've disconnected the battery to do a hard reset, hoping this might work. NAND reads right but there is no platform info! HELP!
  10. Most common suggestion is to disconnect your NEG lead of the car battery and let it sit for 30 min, complete reset/reboot
  11. So Of Course, all answers are available to those who seek it! Because of the NAVTEQ maps update, it doesn't support VR control at this time. Hmmm, which means if and when they get there shit together, maybe they'll put out another update which reinstates the VR functions? I'm not holding my breath...
  12. Did a bit of digging and found this post. Knew there was a way back! Sorry guys, I'd rather have VR in NAV than appradio for the time being. Would like to just update BT and maps, anyone willing to point us in the right direction?
  13. Same here, really loved the VR NAV feature and didn't want to lose it, but couldn't resist the AppRadio features. Would be nice to have both!
  14. So, successfully upgraded my Z120BT with this, not sure app radio feature was worth losing my voice active NAV feature though! Any way to revert back? I haven't checked all the available NAV apps on App Radio yet, if there is one that uses voice commands then that would be cool.
  15. AppRadio on Z120BT

    Any way to add app radio functions to updated Z120? Have Aha and Pandora, would be a nice addition