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  1. Thanx Ron, yea newer maps would be nice in general.
  2. Hmm . . . And I was just thinking yesterday I should list my 120BT on CL and buy the NEX 8000. Maybe I'll wait a little bit longer. I bought a new cell LGv20 and when I connect it to the unit over BT the music plays through the phone but I can still go to the next song using the unit. BT firmware says 3.32. If I unpair the phone then register it again it works like it should. It's a pain in my ace. That is the reason I was checkin out avic411, to see if the 120BT was getting any more map/bt updates.
  3. 2013 USA/CAN Maps Download

    Just wanted to say Thank You ! ! !
  4. 2013 Z/X series map update

    If you figure it out I would be interested. Thanx
  5. GPS Program version NG

    Thanx. I believe the culprit, from what I have been reading, is/was a backed up copy of 80MT for the N and D units from what I've read. I bet Pioneer got ticked off with people downloading their maps for free and had a program disable the units mentioned. Not to destroy but a sort of fight fire with more fire, if you won't buy the updates, then you will pay us to reset your unit type deal. I have no problem backing up my own bought copies, but I will admit I have a . . . well lets just say I burned a copy of the East 80MT. But I don't think I ever used it. Now the person I sold the unit too might have. I don't know how to reverse what has been done. I can manually update everything except the GPS. . . it always returns to NG. I can pop the 80MT I had since years ago in an old stack of DVDs into my laptop but even then I don't know what to look for to see if something looks tampered with. I can maybe compare it to older or newer updates. If anyone has any insight on what I'm talking about, I along with I'm sure other people that have a useless N or D unit just shelved, would greatly appreciate it. Let's bring this topic back to life. Yes the Ns and Ds are "older" but they are still great units and people do still have/use them, the ones that aren't disabled due to this issue. Thanx any/everyone.
  6. GPS Program version NG

    Yea I know. But this isn't the first time this problem came up. I was just reading some good info in the D3 section. I don't really need this unit, it's just a good unit and don't want to see it goto waste. This forum has helped me with the bypass back when I got it (N2), make my F700BT fast and cool, 2 units in between that and helped me turn my 110 into a 120BT, now have a Caddy with their crappy Nav system. I was just hoping this sparked someones memory and they can be like " OH Yea I remember, that was an easy Fix! I'll tell Shane and make his day happy again!" LOL
  7. GPS Program version NG

    35 views. . . . and nothing? Somebody has to know a little something on the fix for this?
  8. Ok, so I got my old N2 back from a friend because he broke it! I know about the service menu and program force write. What I don't know is why the GPS refuses to accept it. I have an N2 with N1 brain, but I used it that way since I bought it from a friend years ago, and I've used backed up map discs. There has to be a way I can fix this without sending it somewhere (guy on eBay). When I try to format the SDRAM I get "NG [ Error code = 25( 19h ) ] and GPS Test "DRAGON CONNECT NG ! !" I am sure the problem is related. Now the other night I used up, right, up right, down, down, push to get in to the Service Menu, I also had the letter "C" and not "E" on the password page. Do different passwords give you different write privileges? So far on the password screen I have seen A,C, and E highlighted with different passwords. This is really bugging me and I know it is an easy fix, it has to be. When I logged in with "C" password, I formatted everything it would let me, when I went to try and upgrade/install the GPS it took a second like it wanted too, not like before where you see 0% for a nano second then right to NG. If one of you could help me out with this I would appreciate it. BTW I have taken it apart and cleaned the laser lens, I'm East but can only find original West 40 (yellow) and 50 (green), but I have back ups of 60, 70, 80, 90, and 110. They all work except on the GPS part. Back story. I sold it to a friend about 2 years ago. It worked great with a back up map disc and bypass, not the solder one, my friend before me can't solder and screwed that one up. So anyway, he sold it to another friend, I don't know what they did but ever since it hasn't worked. So it has been sitting on a shelf for awhile, I seen it and traded it back for a JVC I picked up off CLs for cheap. I don't even need it, I just felt bad because that is an awesome unit. PASSWORDS (3 separate) up, right, up, right, down, right, down, right, push NEXT up, up, down, down, push AND up, right, up, right, down, down, push. The up, up, down, down, enter password is from page 227 of the Service manual for the AVIC-N2 When you try each of those, a different letter will be highlighted on the password screen, the one with A B C D E. . . and so on.
  9. Look What I Got :) (Avic Z140BH)

    I bought an ipodtouch from ebay, used, it broke within a week. I called Apple, they wanted the S/N and good news 1 month left on warrenty. They sent me a new one.
  10. Look What I Got :) (Avic Z140BH)

    Haha, just searched CLs, I couldn't find that unit. Bummer
  11. Look What I Got :) (Avic Z140BH)

    When did this unit come out? I just seen it on Pioneers site 5 minutes ago. Dinner, WhhaAAT? Let's hear the info, this unit seems badA$$. Grrr got my 120BT on ebay right now because my stupid STS I can't really change that nav unit without losing a ton of cool things or spending undreds of dollars. Im seriously thinking about selling it for that reason. . . nah maybe in another week.
  12. 2005 Cadillac STS

    Okay, thnx for the help. But after burning the map disc, the navigation sux and is set up wierd, no ipod, no back up cam, and way to exspensive to get all that. So I might just install my Pioneer in the Caddy. The only cool thing about the factory nav system is the 8" screen and how it fits and looks in the dash.
  13. 2005 Cadillac STS

    Looks like I don't have too many options without spending a couple of hundred bux. I would like reverse cam and ipod back. Maybe I should just keep my AVIC.
  14. 2005 Cadillac STS

    Thnx, I'll look now.