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  1. Can this pioneer be hacked?

  2. Can this pioneer be hacked?

  3. PIONEER N11?

    I bought an evo 10 and it came with a navi which is a pioneer n11. Sw version n Map 2013 a I dont see this version of navi on this forum though. Wondering if my model has been hacked yet to update maps etc.. PICTURE OF NAVI http://imagizer.imageshack.us/a/img661/6697/vXuvd1.jpg

    let me rephrase that the z11 series forum is dead

    As we know it this site is completely dead. And people have moved on
  6. add certain apps?

    *i have this app i would like to add on my z11 updated to z13, and 2013 updates. I want to put torque App on my z13, which connects to my obd in my car to read the ecu through blue tooth. Is this possible?
  7. So the z11 and forwward are only iphone friendly and not droid friend why is this? To use app mode etc.
  8. Z150 rear video output

    If your using the ipod power cable into the h/u by usb.. u will not get video... that cable doesnt support video only audio
  9. Problems with backup Camera

    How in the hell is there no 411 on how to install a back up cam on this forum for the z11?
  10. z11 to z14 upgrade?

    mkay lets do this, we need to gather up how many people wanna chip in and i say the people that chip in only get the update Files.. you feel me?
  11. z11 to z14 upgrade?

    Bec the z14 maps is way better
  12. z11 to z14 upgrade?

    Like before who is going to buy the upgrade sd cards to jump from z11 with updates already with z12/13 installed.? We all pitchin in again?.
  13. z13 update no seek bar?

    i updated my avic z11 to z13 why is there no seek bar now when play music from ipod and cd? its rediculous, or is there any option im missing to turn it on? its stupid that i have to use the fast forward button to skip through.
  14. ya just started happening.. few months now... and nothing is on the batter execpt for the termanals
  15. MY z110bt is draining my battery when my car is off. and i know its tht for a fact. because: - took everything off the battery " it died still" - checked the alternator and its bran new - battery is bran new yellow top checked okay - took it to the dealership and they diagnozed it and everything is a okay. so my issue is why is my z110bt draining my battery? how do i fix this? is the fuse maybe shot and thats the reason? or bare wirres are showing and need to be taped with wire tape? please help asap i cant keep dealing with this issues any longer. thanks