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Found 14 results

  1. I have an avic f90bt . when it powers up there is a black screen for about 10 seconds or so then it shuts down but the fan runs still. I bought it from a so called "friend" and i dont have the backup files for it. If anyone can help, it would save what sanity i have left because i drive a lot and with no music, I have already ran out of things to talk to myself about. LOL.
  2. AVIC MR-Z09

    I have the problem below where the DVD only plays CD and reverse camera, volume up and down works but screen has that on it. Please assist me with a solution. Has had this problem for over 5 months.
  3. 4000NEX Black Screen

    Hi everyone. I took a look through the past posts and could not find the same problem I had experienced this week. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. My 4000NEX w/bypass was working fine in the morning, then when I started the car up again later that day I had the following symptoms. -Radio boots up. -HD Radio screen appears. -Stock radio background image which is normally blue, has now gone a shade of black. I can see all touch options, but some of them are not responsive. I could change radio stations, but hardware buttons do not work, so no volume, no eject, I cannot enter the options menu or anything else really. Volume level was really low. -Steering controls did not work at all. -Attempting Carplay brought me to the warning screen, I could select the warning Accept button, the action would register, but it would not go past the warning screen. That was two days ago. I disconnected the battery, waited, hoping that clearing the radio would help things, started the car. Now I get the following. -Radio boots up (Pioneer Loading) -Blackness Now I have nothing. No display whatsoever. The display seems to be fine as I can clearly see the Pioneer boot up screen for about 10 seconds. From my point of view with an electronics background, I feel that this may be software related. Is there a way to reload the system software on these units? Any other insight on what could of caused this out of the blue? Thanks.
  4. Please help if you can, a couple months ago I bought a car with this unit in it. I have no mam I have no manual or instructions how to operate it. The nav seemed to work ok, the radio works ok, it accepts a cd and showed on the screen that it was playing but no sound, same thing plugging in a thumb drive, shows tracks and shows track is playing but no sound. I also bought an HD radio for it, but it doesn't get any stations. a couple days ago the screen went black after it boots up. the radio still plays and the nav says lost signal when going thru a tunnel, but nothing on the screen. it did come back on for a day, but is black again. it does show the Pioneer splash screen when turning key on then goes black. any ideas?
  5. Hi all I recently bought an Appradio 3 from a friend and had it professionally installed in my car. It worked fine for two weeks. I had an intermittent problem with the radio not turning on automatically with the ignition every once in 2 or 3 days. I figured out that turning the ignition on and off a few times would fix that issue. However, a few days ago, I was watching music videos with the car parked during my lunch break. Later that day the radio refused to turn on no matter what I tried. I eventually found that the touch screen is working perfectly (beeps, tilts etc.) although the display screen stays black. It does not look like a backlight issue as I cannot see anything on the screen even with a bright light shining on it. I am able to control the radio using steering buttons and touch, including through my iPhone 6s. Has anyone encountered this problem of the black screen with touch working? Hope to get some help soonest.
  6. Hi guys, My problem seems to be hardware specific. I have an X920BT that will display the splash screen and then usually turns off. It would usually turn on for a few seconds and then shut down but occasionally it would stay on for longer periods of time, the longest being about 30 min. I've searched for similar problems and tried a lot of software updates and even played with testmode briefly. The unit would shut off before any update could successfully complete and testmode would only work for a few seconds rendering it useless. So after failed attempts on the software side of things I decided to take it apart and do some tests. I have an AC to DC converter in my house so I brought the unit inside and opened it up for some testing. After testing multiple circuits on the board I think I have discovered the culprit but without a datasheet I can't say for sure. I have attached a picture of the circuit board itself: Along with where I believe the problem is: The input voltage of the circled part is 10.6v but it outputs 30v and everything after that becomes 30v. This only happens with the ribbon cable plugged in, without out it it remains at 10.6v both in and out. I turned the DC voltage for the main unit from 12v to 9.5v and the screen will turn on and stay on although nothing is displayed after the splash screen (presumably because everything else isn't getting enough voltage). What I would like to know is if anyone can confirm that this is abnormal and/or if anyone can identify that part with a part # (unlikely, I know)? Lastly, if anyone has a X920BT with issues apart from the LCD panel and they would like to get rid of the LCD portion I would pay for it. Just PM a price and we'll go from there. Thanks.
  7. Hi All, I am having a really bizaar problem and I'm hoping someone here can help me out or point me in the right direction. All of a sudden this problem just started, when I start my car my headunit starts displaying the pioneer splash screen like normal, but after 1 second it just goes black. The wierdest part about this problem is that I can still opperate the headunit like normal, I can press on the screen and it responds to clicks even though the screen is black. All other buttons still work as well on the base of the unit, the only button that doesn't work is the CD release button, so I cannot open the unit to get a CD in and out. Thanks for anyone who has any ideas for me to check. -Justin
  8. Can anyone help me with the fault that has developed in my Pioneer system, or has anyone had the same issue and managed to get it repaired? I've had a Pioneer AVH-X5500BT installed in my car for just over a year and as of yesterday the 7 inch screen permanently displays black, even though audio still works. Although I can't see the onscreen controls, I can hear them beeping when I press the touch screen and I can select and listen to different sources (radio, CD, USB, etc.) but cannot see anything on the screen. A hard reset (using a pin in the reset hole) restarts the unit and the screen appears in full colour for about 3 seconds then goes off. So I know the LED screen is working (for 3 seconds). If you reset with a pin and hold down [VOL-] button and [TRK<] button – this puts the unit into Firmware update mode. In this mode the screen displays fine and stays on permanently until you come out of the update mode. So there appears to be no actual fault with the screen itself. I've also completely removed and reapplied the power connector at the back of the unit and this doesn't help either. I feel really let down by Pioneer who do not provide any info about the issue and have asked me to send it back - paying for postage and packaging, a fixed investigation fee of £40, the cost of the repair and then a further cost for the courier charge to send it back. This could cost more than the unit is worth. Up until now I believed Pioneer to provide great quality products but now feel I have to switch to another manufacturer as I have no confidence in them anymore.
  9. Been looking through this forum wanting to update the maps on the F500BT I found. Tried updating firmware using the FX3.1 rar file I found on a F500BT update post. Got into Blue Screen mode, and firmware appears to update ok "100% complete, please reset" however, would not reset. Held in reset button for 2 mintues, power button did nothing, pulled the plug and battery (perhaps my bad). Now it won't boot. Plugging it into lighter adapter causes the blue light to go on and stay on. Tried getting back into Blue Screen to go back to the 2.0 firmware found in the Avic Problem Solver Files. cannot get back to blue screen.... just sits there looking at me, and cramping my fingers. Now when I try, once power is connected the blue light goes off after a couple seconds. HELP, please
  10. No Video - Black Screen AVIC z130

    I installed a used AVIC Z130BT on my car. Everything worked great. I attemted to update firmware and maps and I had a problem. Now I do not have any video output on the LCD, or out the rear output video jack. The HU is functioning. I can play iPod, DVD, audio CD etc. I can load SD and VC works. But I have no video at all out any jack or port. I checked the cables to the LCD, and I have checked everything I can think of. Can anyone help - Please? Chris
  11. Great forum, great collaboration. I have spent long days researching here but I just can't find the right solution. I've managed to brick my X930bt upgrading to the stock 3.001FW. I get the black Pioneer splash screen and amber button lights (which I set beforehand) and then the screen goes black with no response to any inputs. I've performed the Condi Hackmode to-the-letter and am only able to use version 1.4, which goes into TestMode. Once in Testmode I can traverse both the SD file structure and the deck itself. The Autoinstall Hackmodes boot and run the "red screen" and will also run the "white screen" that copies files from SD to the system. After the "green screen" reboots... I get the Pioneer splash screen and then nothing again. But V1.4 works every time. There are links to the "F" series system backups but many of the links are dead. My understanding is that the X and F are fairly similar? My search for "X" backups however yields no results. This is humbling, but I would like your help\input even though I'll be chastised for not performing my own backup.
  12. Unit doesnt boot at all just a black screen, buttons light up for 10-15 seconds then the button lights go out and I can just hear the fan running. I can enter the service mode go to update windows ce(with a SD card and Files), but when it goes to write, it freezes at 5 percent. I've tried 2.0,3.0, and 4.01 all freeze at 5%. Whats left to try?
  13. This just happened to me a few minutes ago, I was on my way to work listening to the radio when I just started to hear a little bit of stattic. Nothing bad I thought nothing of it seemed normal for FM radio to lose signal, all of the sudden I looked at my screen and it just dimmed and turned black . The lights at the bottom Volume + - , Mode, Ect. are on but the screen is off. Soon as I got to work I turned off my truck and restarted the deck and all it showed is a grainy multi colored image then a horizontally stripped screen (black/white) few seconds later just boots into black screen, no sound or anything besides the illuminated lights at the bottom . I've had this thing for just over a year probably and bought it brand new. Anyone ever hear of this?
  14. broken?

    whats up guys im new here and i have a question.... I own the AVIC-x9115BT and it has worked flawlessly for over a year. All of a sudden today i was coming home from the store and when i got into my truck the unit loaded the boot screen then went black, none of the buttons work or are light up. I tried shutting off the truck and turning back on. tried pressing the reset button( both off and on). so i got home and found my owners manual witch didnt say jack about this problem. after letting it sit for a while i went back out to it and checked it and yup still broken. so any body know what i can do to fix it???