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Found 6 results

  1. Hello Forum! I have an AVIC 8000NEX with firmware 1.15(i think, not 100%) and I've been stuck in a boot loop on the loading screen for a couple days... I used the reset button to no avail and I tried to use NORflashbackup but that didn't work. Now I'm trying to find a copy of Testkey_A so that I can see if I can recover anything... I'm pretty sure the California Heat killed my internal SD card. I have a bunch lying around but don't really want to open this box and explore as I do not have $$$ to purchase another unit, lol. I've tried joining the chat but I get an application error on all three browsers.. I am assuming its serverside. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, George
  2. no boot F9110bt

    Hello guys, my F9110bt did not boot ready. I see my startscreen and later i hear my music from CD, but not more. The reset bring not more. I read, that i need a testmode file, but i can't find it for function. i have a european version with update in 2012. Has anybody a file for me?
  3. I think I installed another unit's update or a bad file onto my z120bt..... I've been trying to fix it for months. I can play a disk that's already in there when i have either my sd or usb in with condhack on it. Otherwise, it just says no applicable program. I've tried to place updates on my SD but it just says update starting but quickly states that "update failed" and restarts. It continues to play through that lil sequence over n over in a loop and it's quite stressful. On boot up it says 2013 instead of 2009 as before. I do not have User files or NDATA files on unit anymore for one reason or another but have them on my computer I'm sure of it. . . . .I'm pretty desperate and don't know what to do. SysUcom displays 8.01 or 8.05 and when I attempt to force write with older versions everything says "ready" besides EU90BOT. Instead of "ready" it displays [Write Errr B]...... I'm a noob who has messed up his unit by accidently downloading hackmode when I wasn't aware of it's full abilities and potentially damaging use...... If anyone could please point me in the right direction I will be forever greatful... I mean, I have spent countless hours sorting and sifting, reading and noting every post and thread on here for a solution and I just can't seem to get it down. Maybe I'm too stupid but electronics are not my expertise and I think I shouldn't have tampered with the damn thing. After about 2 months with my unit like this I'm reaching out for a helping hand on this site after trying to figure it out myself. I have hope for sure due to the fact that the unit still plays discs(the one that is in there), and I can navigate through testmode still and developer mode.
  4. Hello, Fellows! Recently I bought a new car with a Pioneer avicF930bt system. Unfortunately there was a password after doing a firmeware update for the radio. :/ So lukily Condi's HackMode v2.21 worked perfectly fine and i could remove the password! So i thought... okay time for the removal using this uninstaller by gweny: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/36854-undo-condis-hack-mode/page-2&do=findComment&comment=330314 But now i have the same problem as hlekinfr. I have a loading screen but nothing else... I cannot install Condi's HackMode v2.21 again or load the uninstaller ... Strangely i can update the firmware... Can someone help me?!!!!!!! maybe it's a problem because I installed Condi's HackMode v2.21 but used an uninstaller for version 2.1 ?!!! HELP!!! and thanks a lot!
  5. Hello, I'm new to the forum and I have looked around at similar topics, but haven't found any resolution. I have been using an AVIC-Z3 for about 3+ years. About 4 months ago it started to take awhile (about 2 minutes) to boot or start up. The black start screen "Starting Pioneer Car Navigation" screen stays on for around 1.5 minutes and then the spash screen comes up for around 20 seconds. During the start up, the radio/XM will work, but everything else doesn't kick in until the start up is complete. Some details: This is an actual original AVIC-Z3 (not upgrade from Z1 or Z2). I have XM, Bluetooth, and rearview camera modules. I had the 2010 HDD Navigation Upgrade (CNDV-1000HD) loaded a few years ago. I have tried different resets, per talking with Pioneer: the 2 different kinds while pressing the "map" button and also the manual paper clip button on the bottom left front of the device. I have basically reset the unit back to factory, erasing all saved music and nav markers in the process; the XM, Bluetooth, and camera still work though. Anyways, this did not help and Pioneer advises to send the whole unit to them in CA along with $230 in order for them to figure it out. I've seen some posts that say that the hard drive could be failing. Is this what it is? I've heard of possibly hooking up the harddrive to computer and removing bad sectors or something. Any help/recommendations/advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. I just installed my Avic X940 into a Nissan Titan. Maybe this is normal but every time the system boots up I hear 2-4 beeps and the volume for the stereo is 0. I have to turn it up every time I get into the car. Does this system have a setting to remember the previous volume or did I hook something up wrong. Everything else seems to work fine. Thanks for the help.