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Found 8 results

  1. AVIC MR-Z09

    I have the problem below where the DVD only plays CD and reverse camera, volume up and down works but screen has that on it. Please assist me with a solution. Has had this problem for over 5 months.
  2. Purchasing maps

    Hi there! Just purchased a user car, built in with the Pioneer Avic-X1R . Great piece of multimedia, however the DVD that came along with it does not supply all country's I'm driving in. So, I'm looking for the Eastern Europe DVD - however I can not find any place where to buy or download this DVD. Who can help me out with a supplier / download link? Thanks in advance! Rick
  3. Hey everyone what do you guys think of the AVH-x6500DVD. I am planning on buying it this week and really like the look and the fact that the screen comes out so I don't have to worry about getting it stolen when I leave the car. But other than what do you think of the specs and would it fit well in my 2005 chevy impala. I'm not great with the wiring and all that but I did put in my AVIC U310BT a few years ago so I'm gonna give this a shot. Anyone who currently own the x6500 or previously owned please provide your feedback. Thanks
  4. I'm really leaning toward the P8400 for my family's van. The other option is the DDX719. But I'm having a bit of a time figuring out what the 8400 can do simultaneously. I'm getting a rear flipdown LCD, it has IR built in for headphones and it has A/V RCA inputs. So ideally, I'd like to be able to play DVDs and Videos from a USB stick on the rear LCD with sound from the IR while my wife and I are able to listen to other audio sources (AM/FM, Bluetooth streaming, MP3s from USB2) on the main speakers. A rear mounted DVD player might fit the bill, but I'd like to keep everything centralized. Is this possible? If the answer is yes and no, what specifically can the unit do simultaneously? Because if I have to listen to some fairy princess movie over and over during a long ride, I'll drive into oncoming traffic lose my mind. Let's assume, for argument's sake, that the parking brake is set. Thanks, guys.
  5. I have a 3 weeks old Z-140, live in Canada and have the following problems: 1- DVD player stopped reading my discs 2- The RDS does not show any info 3- The Traffic station list is always empty. Very little traffic info available even in Toronto area 4- The worst one is that to fix the DVD, Pioneer is asking my to uninstall, box and ship the 3 weeks old $1500 unit to them at MY expense. I contacted Pioneer Canada to see if they can help I will be very disappointed if they fail to do better. This is the Top of the Line Pioneer unit afterall and such poor workmanship/quality that failed in such short time. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks,
  6. Z140 Motion Bypass

    Hi all, I am new to this forum but I had to jump on based on my new purchase. Im gettign ready to travel across the US from Virginia to California and I just had a new Z140BH installed. Here is what is going on: 1. Installer informed me that he would bypass to allow me to watch video on my trip - I trust him completely 2. message says parking brake lead improperly installed 3. DVD'd play when in park and in Drive ( seems that the bypass works) 4. after driving for a few minutes a warning message comes up and the video goes away 5. after slowing down for a red light the video returns ( this continues in an on and off state) I am wondering if the normal bypass worked properly but now for some reason there is a GPS / Motion based parameter that senses video playback and motion and disables the viewing. HAs anyone else heard or experienced this and if so, is there anyway around this? I havent done any firmware upgrades and this is out of hte box factory. Thaks in advance. I searched as many formums as I could and I didnt see anyone reporting this already. PS Everyting else in the system works properly
  7. Album art on AVH-P2350DVD

    Hello Guys, Newcomer here,! I just bought a AVH-P2350DVD unit. Its working great and im lovin it... The only detail that taking my sleep is about album arts. It simply doesnt show any album art from a usb flash drive source or a dvd disc. Is it normal? does it only show from a ipod connection? anybody knows how to make it work??... thanks a lot..!
  8. Hi guys, Is there any way that can I set my rearseat DVD to mirror my AppRadio for video playback? I have the ability to watch Netflix, Youtube, etc. on my AppRadio but I would love to figure out a way to have whats playing on my dash mirrored to the flip-down DVD player for the kids. The DVD has visible RCA inputs on the back and when I search through the "mode" it has DVD/AV1/AV2 options so I know its capable of receiving video. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks! chuck