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  1. without aftermarket speakers without amp

    Should be okay, as long as the new speakers have the correct resistance (Ohms). You will notice a significant improvement over the OEM speakers, if you chose the correct and good speakers.
  2. I have an Avic-W4400nex installed in a Toyota. All steering wheel buttons work perfectly when i use my Apple CarPlay and iPhone. When i use my Samsung S8 and wired Andriod Auto, the phone pickup and hang-up steering when buttons do not work. The other buttons still work. I have to use on-screen pickup and hang up virtual buttons. Does anyone else have this issue?
  3. AVH-W4400 NEX Update to 4500

    Does anyone know how to update/upgrade an AVH-W4400 NEX to a AVH-W4500 nex?
  4. w4400nex how to bypass e brake

    I just ignored it and it booted up in few seconds.
  5. Apple mirroring

    I think mirroring is only applicable to Android devices. I can mirror my Samsung, but not iPhone.
  6. W4400 NEX upgrade to W4500

    Hi, Does anyone know how to upgrade the software on AVH-W4400 to the w4500? The 4500 Comes with with the backup camera parking lines that are missing on 4400. Thx
  7. mpotter99, do you have the W4400 unit?
  8. w4400nex how to bypass e brake

    I have the same problem, even though I installed the MicroBypass. And the AVIC hold the screen to disable does not work here. Any Help would be appreciated.
  9. No, i could not do the software bypass by holding my finger 1"from lower left corner of the screen in source off mode. Nothing happens when i do that. Am i missing something?
  10. Official AVIC NEX Bypass (AVIC NEX Units Only)

    I have a AHV-W4400 and installed the MicroBypass. But the 4400 has a GPS now and it picks up the cars speed. Any one know if there is a way to by fully pass the AVH-W4400NEX?
  11. I upgraded from Avic Z140 to the AVH-W4400NEX last week. I never used the GPS on the Z140 and found it was very inaccurate hence I went to the 4400. Compared to the Z140 this is MUCH MUCH faster and more responsive. Much better screen. and the Bluetooth works. I love the Android Auto (wired, since Samsung still does not support wireless). Few concerns: 1- Missing parking line in back up camera view 2- Steering wheel phone off hook and hang up buttons do not work, while Android auto is running. 3- I used the MicroBypass, but the GPS still picks up the cars speed and locks up the menus when in motion. It re-enables them as soon as the speed is 0. Anyone has any solutions for these?
  12. Thanks to all Contributors I installed the updates along with the latest BT update. The issue I have with Bluetooth 3.32 is the same as previous version. The HU does not connect to Bluetooth Media (Music) on Android phone automatically. I have to manually reconnect it every time I turn the car on. Has anyone with an Android phone (Samsung) been able to find a solution to this? Thanks,
  13. thinking about upgrading to a z140bh

    I bought a Z140 about 3 months ago and have had few issues: 1 -The dvd player stopped working after few uses. Eventhough this is few thasand $$$$$, Pioneer wants me to uninstall and ship the unit to them at my cost for repair 2- The Traffic Info is very limitted 3- RDS does not work in Canada. Pioneer refuses to assist in way beyond the standard generic Pioneer warranty, which applies to $100 unit aswell
  14. AVIC Z140BH: Report your bugs here.

    Sofar Pioneer Canada does NOT want to do anything beyond the standard Warranty. I have to take it out and ship it at my expense. I am NOT Happy about this. Waste of money and lack of customer service!