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Found 15 results

  1. All testmode files

    Hi, can someone upload all kinds of Testmode files that are out there or share a link with all testmode files?
  2. All testmode files

    Hi, can someone upload all kinds of Testmode files that are out there or share a link with all testmode files?
  3. Hello dear forum, I was looking at the firmware specs for the F950BT and it seems that it supports apple carplay while the f950bt installed on my car sadly does not :(. I was wondering if the firmware would be cross compatible, or if someone has perhaps hacked the f950bt to support carplay or in some other way work with newer iPhones (I use an iPhone 7 plus). It's been a real struggle getting the thing to work with my phone, it supports bluetooth, but that's about it. Seems like a waste of a nice bit of kit. PS: Another issue I have with it is that my map is day coloured at night and vice versa, while the only settings associated with this are day and automatic (automatic causes the issue, day is just that, day) Thank you very much in advance.
  4. Bricked my Z120BT

    Hi everyone. I tried using that Condi program and screwed up my unit. I'm not computer literate so I really need help unbricking it. I've tried to understand some of the instructions on the website but like I said I'm not good with computers. If anyone on here lives in New Jersey (south) and can help me to fix this unit please let me know. I'll bring it to you and you can fix it and I'll give you some money to help. Thanks.
  5. How to AVIC wav,bmp Extraction?

    Hello everyone. I'm AVIC series on testmode. Bat ****
  6. I went out to get into my car this morning and noticed that my AVIC-X910BT will not boot up. It will turn on but gets stuck at the splash screen (original Pioneer logo screen). I put a CD in and it played music but the screen was still stuck. I also pushed the reset button in the upper left-hand corner which turned the screen on and off but this did nothing. The unit was in my 2003 Acura CL Type-S when I bought it in 2012 and was installed professionally (I was given the receipt for the install but unfortunately I no longer have it). It had the firmware version 3.020100 on it which, according to Pioneer's website, is the most recent official update. I even downloaded the firmware to an SD card and tried to update it but it would not do anything. I read that this is because it will not recognize firmware on and SD card if it has already been installed but I have no idea if this is correct. It did not have any mods on it or anything. I spoke with Pioneer support but of course they are telling me I have to send it in so they can service it and make money off me. He also mentioned it could be a blown fuse on either the vehicle or the unit itself but I have not checked this yet. I had already started typing this post before I spoke with him. I don't remember his exact wording on this question but he also asked if there was anything could have caused some sort of an electrical power surge (alternator problems, faulty cigarette lighter, etc.) but I can't think of anything that would've done this between last night when it was working fine and this morning. I will be checking these as soon as I am done here. I am willing to do anything to get this fixed as soon as possible but I don't want to spend any money on it. I have read about testmode but am not sure how this works and which is the newest/best version that will work with my unit. I am in desperate need of a solution as I am driving to a wedding 4 hours away on Sunday and that will be miserable if I have I can't play music from my phone (via the 3.5mm aux port) like I normally do. I am brand new to this site so I am not sure if this topic has been covered but I did do some searching and could not find many people that experienced the same issue as me, let alone a solution to my problem. I also read about hacks/mods but I want to make sure I have the correct version before I try it so that I don't make things worse Please be as detailed as possible with instructions as I am new to all of this. I would love to have a link to where I should download firmware/software from and which versions I should choose etc. Something I thought of but could not find an answer to was whether or not it is it possible to download an older version of the firmware so it will be recognized by the unit and then I could update it later. Would this help? As a side note, I am using a MacBook Pro so I am not able to open/edit Windows files so I would like to be able to do this from my computer. I do have access to a PC if need be so that is the least of my concerns. I am willing to do anything at this point. Somebody PLEASE help me!
  7. 8000 Nex for AUSTRALIA

    Just found out from Pioneer Australia that they wont be introducing the NEX series to Australia. How annoying! I'm a relative novice in this area - but what are the pitfalls I need to be concerned about from buying a US model 8000 Nex and installing it in Australia? I''m guessing the US map is the biggest issue? How hard is it to load Australian maps? And will it be compatible with the mapping software on the NEX series? Thanks in advance ... H
  8. Pioneer avic d1 Harness

    Hi would like to know if anyone on the forum may want to sell their avic d1 power and rca harness. I really need them to install my unit, mine got lost. Please help. thanks
  9. Came across this on my first google search. . This will work without a jailbreak (- the unlimited skips hack) IF JAILBROKEN on 7.0.4 - Download/install through Cydia - Pandora downloader Ver 3.5.2 Nav to the settings and enable unlimted skips/ no ads I can confirm this works I live in Canada, my App Radio 3 connects to my iPhone 5S Pandora app on iOS 7.0.4 Works perfect through that VPN hack Enjoy.
  10. z130 to australian maps

    Hi! I am sorry to be a DRAINER! but I really need help! I recently bought a z130, then paid to get it installed etc, and found that this a USA model! I have been on the hack/mods section, of this sight for ages, and have tried to follow some instruction (downloading 1 update then replacing folders with another update) and it's just not working. Unfortunately I am not all that tech savvy. Is anyone able to pretty please lay out for me exactly how to add Australian maps n my z130bt? once again sorry for being so tech-dumb! Jessica
  11. http://youtu.be/IKOoZTZ1HT4 BYPASS AT YOUR OWN RISK! We have confirmed this bypass to work! It allows for navigation input and video playback while the car is in motion! This is illegal in some states and this may void the warranty of your Navigation system! Move the mute wire over to the empty slot to the right or left, attach to ground with parking brake wire! If you have a question, please leave a comment..... we respond within 24 hours! Thanks for watching!
  12. Update/Upgrade F320BT

    Hi everyone, I have a european (dutch) F320BT and when I look in the software info it says version 1.0. I've seen lots of posts now but none is clear about the following: 1) Can I update to version 2 or version 3? If so, how (without buying products or services from Pioneer) 2) I see a lot of mods says version 3 is needed, are there mods available for version 1 that I have? 3) If I were to buy the 2012 map update, does this automatically upgrade the software version? (I found one on ebay) 4) Can I update the maps manually from the internet somewhere? Which files do I need and where do they go So that's quite a list I'm a noob doing stuff to the f320bt, but work with computers so if I just could get directions.... Thanks!
  13. I have a Nissan 2003 350Z with Avic-Z140BH installed where the stock radio was. I wish to insert a second screen in the upper cubby right above the radio and want to know if there is a HACK that will allow the Navigation screen of the Avic to be displayed on the second screen. The second screen has a composite input. Can this be done. Thanks.
  14. Z140BH Touchscreen USB HID??

    I would like to connect a small form factor PC to the aux A/V input on my unit. As far as video and audio this shouldn't be a problem at all. My question is more about the touch capability itself. Would it be possible to somehow forward the touch screen output to USB so that it could be used as a HID device instead of a mouse or other pointing device?
  15. Z140BH Installation Checklist

    Hello, I just got my new Z140BH and scheduled to be installed later this week, on my 2006 ML350, along with JBL MS-8. I would like to check with you ALL, to get prepared with the:- 1. Checklist of most common/popular Hacks/Mods for Z140BH 2. Checklist for testing the installation (especially the Installer is couple of hours away from my home!!!) 3. Can anyone recommend the good Installer in North Jersey, from your experience? I would highly appreciate your input and sharing your expertise. Thank you all in advance. Thanks, D