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  1. Answers: 1. Yes the bypass must be installed for this to work. 2. No need for a diagram. Heres the breakdown... 1FT HDMI cable connected to the "hdmi in" on the back of the AR3 - to "HDMI out" on the Belkin HDMI auto switching HDMI splitter - x2 3FT HDMI cables running from each "HDMI in" port on the auto switcher - One runs to my iphone lighting adapter the other to the back of the NUC. Power for the nuc comes from by cigarette lighter port using the inverter (in OP) and the power cable runs behind the deck to the glovebox where the NUC is. The USB cable for the Leap is run behind the glovebox and the deck to in front of the shifter. 3. Yes I use my iphone 5S for a hotspot
  2. Not possible at the moment. The background files you are looking to change are stored within the firmware file (.hat) that pioneer releases. Currently there is no way that I have found as of yet to modify the internal files of the .hat If anyone knows how to, please enlighten us
  3. iPod touch

    You'll have the map but no way to tell you where you are on it. No GPS, no dot on map to tell you where you are
  4. Mike, quick question. Have you or any of your team looked in any of the hondalink IPA's for any clues to help with mirroring? I was reading a post on how it was designed by pioneer and works with appradio. Just sayin worth a look if you haven't already
  5. iPod touch

    Probably not since there is no onboard gps chip. Im not sure about 3rd party adapters. my guess is no
  6. iPod touch

    All iPod touches don't have gps functionality. They are all wifi location based. There are 3rd party 30pin/lightning adapters that give the itouch true gps functionality but they are horribly buggy. Some are better than others, but it's still not as good as OEM. What you could do is get an iPad mini wifi+4g which has a GPS chip built into the mobo.
  7. iPod touch

    Which model iPod touch do u have?
  8. Check your connections, something might of come loose
  9. If your jailbroken , there are tweaks to remove the badge. One is called "no badge" it's on Cydia
  10. Got any links to these cheap cables?
  11. Funniest thing I read today, thanks for that.
  12. Also I'm jumping on this volunteer testing bandwagon.
  13. What do you mean by won't open? Won't turn on?
  14. I've been running with this hack since jan, still works for Canadians I guess.