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Found 19 results

  1. Password removal on NEX5100

    Can anyone help removing password from F970bt/5100nex? It started asking for password after update. It is out of warranty. Please help?
  2. I force installed 1.11 version update on F970bt/NEX5100 though testmode_a and since then it has started asking for password. It wont boot into testmode or any developer mode anymore. Have tried different USBs. Even removed the head unit and accessed the internal card but since i couldnt read it, i made a new SD card with F970DAB image file on the Backup forum, It was stuck on boot loop. Please help anyone!
  3. Just had to replace the battery on my wife's car, and now find the dreaded "enter password" on start up. Seems the previous user decided she was going to install a password, but didn't think to either write it in her vehicle documents, or tell the dealer she sold it to !! I've searched this forum for the past couple of day, and managed to get a copy of goldenapple, which allows me into testmode. However that is where I'm stuck. Most of the password recovery posts suggest entering file manager, and finding the security folder on the nand drive, to access a text dump of the password.dat, but this seems to apply to earlier / different models to my unit, or it's a hidden file, as I can't find anything remotely similar on the unit. I did find one reference to deleting user data in the extdat directory, which I remember seeing whilst searching through the file system. My question is, do I just delete the user file / folder, or is that likely to screw up the unit. I know this has been 'done to death' but I don't want to ruin the unit, by deleting user without asking advice from 'those that know' Thanks in anticipation
  4. Hi folks! It looks like its been a while since anyone posted about this model's password reset, so I'm hoping a new thread will start some advice flowing again.. Previous posts have been positive about the old testmode_a.rar technique to unlock a device with a forgotten password, but now the test mode file required is the GOLDENAPPLE.zip one; I have a working version of this, but it just opens up a bewildering set of menus & I cant find the password or security folders anywhere! Any advice please? Thank you!
  5. AVIC-F 950DAB Password help

    Hi guys Need help. Car got a new battery and unit asking for password, tried the forum here but really struggling. Can anybody help? Thanks in advance
  6. 5201NEX Help please;

    Can you guys/gals please provide me with the steps and data I need to get into my 5201NEX & delete / figure out my password. My avic-5201NEX is NOT running the latest version of firmware. & the back story for all you forum lovuhhhs! I bought my avic -5201NEX a few months back, as I know Some of you have read this a million times.... I locked myself out of my 5201 when I unplugged my battery & was prompted for the password to get back in that I have tried to guess for hours (which I don’t understand I use a series of password for everything and none of them work so i must have been in a strange mood I guess that day lol) anyways what I am hoping and asking is simple for an experienced user on this forum, I have only been on it recently in the hopes of being able to access my headunit again without having to send it back to fricken pioneer and wait 4-6 weeks for it to come back. Anyways that’s it long story short, I’m going to continue searching and piecing together the data I can but I would TRUELY appreciate someone taking a couple mins to link the files needed , or even just write the steps and tell me what files to look for , Thank you again in advance look foward to speaking with you
  7. I wrote a simple script that will delete the security PASSWORD for most Win CE based F, Z, and X series units. I can't say whether it will work with the very old units, and it won't work with the model numbers ending in 50 or greater, or Nex units. If your model isn't included, look elsewhere (don't post here) -there's probably already a thread in the proper sub-forum for your unit. No need to install Condi's Hackmode or learn the complexities of TestMode. It removes the password entirely - unlocking the unit. It also saves the existing PASSWORD.DAT file (on the SD) before removing it. Security Password Removal Script Please post all comments in the original thread (linked above) so it is easier to monitor.
  8. Hello Is there any compatible testmode key for japanese model avic-zh77??
  9. Hello Guys, I got an F970BT that came with a Fiat Stilo I got recently. Unfortunely, unplugging the car battery asked me for password, no one knows it. So I have past 2 hours and finally got the testmode for Android AVICs. testmode_a.rar 141bytes 0 downloads Extract Testmode_a.key to an empty, formatted usb (fat32). While the unit is ON, pop in the stick in USB1. The unit will auto reboot, into test mode. Perform Initialize To Factory Defaults. The screen will go blue, then reboot. No more Password. Tested OK on F970BT.
  10. Good morning, I have a AVIC-F960BT, his work's nromally, but I don't insert the password because the touchscreen doesn't calibrate, and I need to acess the supertest mode to calibrate it. I post video in youtube about problem (link: ).
  11. Hey guys I've a F860BT unit that seems to have lost screen calibration after I disconnected the car battery. The problem is I cannot run Testmode or any version of Condi's hackmode on it. Is there anyway to calibrate the screen or to bypass the password so I can calibrate the screen from the main menu because I have the password I just can't type it. Thanks
  12. Hi everybody, (excuse my english, i'm french) I bought a car in Germany, a Audi S3 sline, wich is equiped with the Pioneer Avic-F960dab. Unfortunately, the person who sold me the car doesn't know the password of the device I read about password recuperation with the hackmode/testmode of on some forums and tried to put a MicroSD card with the condi's HACKMODE in it. The radio doesn't boot in the SD card nor in a USB Key I don't wanna try something without being sur of what will happen Could someone help me to know how to get back the password of my F960DAB ? I don't really want to pay for it :/ Thanks
  13. AVIC F-960BT

    Please I need the procedure to recover password for AVIC F-960BT.
  14. I recently purchased a map update from Naviteq. Actually, Naviteq has re-branded itself to HERE maps. Here is my conundrum: When I insert the SD card that contains the update, the AVIC-Z140BH prompts me for my Pioneer Password, which is needed before installation can continue. I tried my Bluetooth password: it did not work. I tried my AVIC-Z140BH security password: it did not work. I have talked to the licensed installer that I bought the system from; they had no clue. I have talked to HERE maps; they sent me to the site www.pioneernavigationupdate.com The model AVIC Z140BH was not listed. I found the device #, but the media number comes from pioneer. I have tried to call pioneer support, but nobody seems to want to answer the telephone. Anybody on this forum know about this? Thanks in advance,
  15. Do I really have to package up my system and ship it to pioneer? I called them today and they said it will cost roughly $100 plus shipping just to bypass this password! Not to mention it will take between 1-2 weeks to get my radio back. There has to be an alternative, local programming shops? Anyone else run into this problem?
  16. Moved my z110 to my wife's car today, unit sat powerless for about 2 weeks. everything hooked up and upon power up the unit is requiring a password. I have tried "passwordpassword" several times with no luck. also tried putting in 16 1's, or 0's, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6, still no luck. I purchased the 2010 upgrade before I knew about this site and tried the password from that but that didnt work either. also, I did the 2011 upgrade via this site too. can anyone help? leaving on a trip friday afternoon, would really like this to work. Mike as a side note I would like to mention I have the following connected. XM receiver, iPod cable, BT Mic, Rear view cam, GPS, axxess aswc-1 (steering wheel control interface). only thing new is the swc interface, everything else was installed and used flawlessly on my FJ Cruiser....
  17. Just in case anyone else forgot their password for their X850BT, here's how I got a hold of mine. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First, some disclaimers: If you stole your unit, please give it back, save money, and buy your own! Otherwise, this is my: RUN TESTMODE AT YOUR OWN RISK statement! I searched this forum and Google'd like crazy, and there, to my knowledge, is no other documented method for retrieving the AVIC-X850BT's password specifically, sorry if this is a repost. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The way I figured it out is as follows: [FYI: I POSTED THE LINKS TO EACH THREAD I RESEARCHED BUT PROVIDED THE LINKS IN THIS HOW-TO SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO BROWSE AWAY FROM THIS PAGE! ] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STEP 1: Get the right Testmode file. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I went here: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/36681-avic-x50-hack-general-topic/?p=266663 and downloaded the link (testmode-x50v2.zip) pionara posted here: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STEP 2: Get a functional testmode base. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. I visited this thread: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/31534-condis-hackmode-v14-diskrw-gpsgate-textfiller-regeditor-with-reg-files-associated-updated-13062011/ 2. and downloaded the following link: Condi's HACKMODE v1.4 BASE - INSTALL VIA TESTMODE.zip 5.32MB 6140 downloads ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STEP 3: Extract the files onto the proper medium IN THE RIGHT ORDER. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. I took the "Condi's HACKMODE v1.4 BASE - INSTALL VIA TESTMODE.zip" and extracted ALL of it's contents to a BLANK miniSD card. 2. I extracted the contents of testmode-x50v2.zip onto the miniSD card and OVERWROTE the existing testmode.key file. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STEP 4: Startup in TESTMODE and access the right file. PATH:NAND\SYSTEM\SECURITY\SECURITY.DAT ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. I then removed the miniSD card from the computer and placed it into the AVIC-X850BT. 2. I turned the vehicle in to ACC Mode/Started vehicle. 3. The unit then successfully booted into testmode. 4. I used the volume keys to navigate the menu and selected the File Maintenance option. 5. I used the volume keys to navigate to the FIRST NAND folder (it's after the HDD folders). 6. I then navigated to the SYSTEM folder. 7. In the folder is a SECURITY folder, select it. 8. There should be several files in the SECURITY folder, among which is the SECURITY.DAT file, select it. 9. Navigate to and press the appropriate key to "[TXT DUMP]" the file. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STEP 5: Accessing your forgotten password. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Following the "[TXT DUMP]" of the SECURITY.DAT file, the top left corner of the screen will supply you with 3 things: YOUR forgotten password, your password HINT, and a buncha shenanigans. 2. I recommend taking and picture of that screen with your smartphone or other mobile device and then turning off your vehicle. 3. REMOVE THE miniSD card! 4. Turn your vehicle to ACC or turn it on. 5. After your AVIC-X850BT boots, try to use the picture to interpret and input your password. Hope this helps someone! I drive around for two weeks, getting mad every time I so much as LOOKED at my radio lol. GOOD LUCK!
  18. hi im new here and have just boght a used avic x930bt off of ebay. i paid and every thing and was so excited. right when it got to my door i hooked it up in my truck and when i turned it on it was and spanish and had a password on it . so is there any way to fix it without paying a fortune? i have all the papers and stuff, no cds tho. thanks for anybodys help. by the way i cant go anywhere but the screen asking me for the password...
  19. how to reset Avic 930bt

    I purchased a Avic 930bt navigation and when i power that on , the device asks for a password. The guy i purchased from said that pioneer would fix that for $70. Anyone have any suggestions..if i phone pioneer that might think it might be stolen....should of thought of that before i purchased this Any suggestions would great..thanks