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Found 12 results

  1. Can you hear me now?

    I have a 4100NEX. Recently I've become unable to use the radio to make calls in my car. When I make or receive a call the other party can hear me, but I can't hear them. This happens over Bluetooth and when plugged in over Android Auto. I took the car into the shop that installed the radio. They checked all the connections and settings and said everything was ok, and blamed a setting on the phone. We have an AT&T service center in my town, so I took my Samsung Note5 there, and they told me that the problem was with the radio. So now I'm stuck in the middle. I turned off the Bluetooth on the radio so that the phone doesn't connect. Now I can make and receive calls, but I risk getting a ticket for not being hand held. Also, I noticed that when the call connects the microphone in the upper right corner gets a slash through it, and the slash is removed when the call is disconnected. Suggestions? Edit: I connected an iPhone to the radio via Bluetooth and had the same problem, so it's definitely an issue with the radio.
  2. Hi guys. I recently installed my AVH-4100 on my GTI mk6 with the iDatalink MaestroRR module. I did the job myself with the instructions froms Crutchfield and everything went OK. Music audio works fine, Carplay works fine on music and phone with Siri, and AppRadio also works well when I tried it. The problem comes when I try to make calls with the iPhone via Bluetooth (no wires connected, either Carplay or AppRadio). The iPhone seems to pair fine with the AVH4100, since I can see all my contacts and recent calls, but when I dial a number and the call is in progress, no audio comes in or out. I tried to look for this issue everywhere, but cannot find a solution. Anyone dealt with this issue? Any suggestion?
  3. Hello. I have a question about the use off Bluetooth on my F710. As more people use the car I have made connections with in total 3 phones (1 iphone, 1 android and 1 windows mobile) They make all 3 the right connection with the F710. Problem is that changing from one phone to another can only be done with use of the phone settings-menu. Is this an settings issue on the F710 or phones. Or is this the way it works? If yes: is it possible to make some kind off shortcut to the connection settings in the phone-menu? The "problem" occurs with all the Mods I tried this far. Any option to make this better is much appreciated. Regards, Har
  4. road noise with 4000NEX / iPhone

    I have the 4000NEX in my 2012 Lexus CT200H. Very impressive unit, except for the background noise during phone calls. The 4000 microphone sensitivity seems quite high, and even when driving on "quiet" roads people on the other end of the phone say the call is quite noisy ... to the point where I have to switch to my iPhone 5s with earbuds in order to have a chat with someone. Anyone else experiencing similar issues or have advise? In trying to troubleshoot the problem, I have relocated the microphone from the windshield to below the steering wheel. I also have the mic on the lowest volume setting. Any help/advise appreciated.
  5. I understand there is a setting where I can tell it to mute with a call, but I can't find it. Can anyone direct me to that setting? If the audio doesn't mute, it seems pretty stupid.
  6. For some reason when i receive a phone call the call shows up for a second on my Nex screen and then the system just shuts off. I'm usually connected on Digital adapter mode with bluetooth on my iPhone 5s running Appradio. When my screen shuts off I'm forced to answer the call using my steering wheel and my phone shows me who is calling like it normally does. Any ideas why this is happening? I would rather just answer calls using the Nex screen like I'm suppose to.
  7. Hey guys, ive got an X710BT headunit in a 2013 challenger, I have the c2r-chy4 interface and the swi-ps interface. If the swi-ps is DISconnected the wired mic for my bluetooth phone works perfect, caller can hear every word I say. When the SWI-PS installed everything works except people cant hear me talking to them (I hear them fine) The steering controls work properly and I called PAC-Audio and they did the typical blaming of the headunit but I dont trust them. Anyone run into this problem? Just a note also, If I plug in the headphone jack from the swi-ps half way the volume buttons on the steering wheel work but the change track dont (because its only in 1/2 way) but the mic works at that point. Any suggestions?
  8. D3 Bluetooth Alternatives

    Hi, I recently recieved an AVIC-D3 from a friend who wasn't using it anymore. I am just wondering if the cd-btb200 is the only bluetooth adapter you can use for bluetooth on the D3? Or if anyone has found a way to use a different adapter with it? I've heard that the connectivity of the cd-btb200 is not tremendously great and it is also discontinued. Is there something better to use? Thanks.
  9. When I try to dial using the contacts I often just get a fast busy signal. At first I thought it would dial local and not long distance but both seem to give me busy signals (most) or operator 42 messages. Once in a while it dials and goes thru. If I pick up the phone and dial from the phone it goes thru and the x710 will connect to the phone so I can talk over the hands free. Anyone had and solved this problem? Thanks
  10. I've had my X920BT installed for over a year now and I've been hoping and praying for a solution that's never come... at least not through Pioneer. While I can hear people perfectly while speaking on handsfree, I get constant complaints that people can't hear me due to background noise. I have the noise cancellation on and I've moved my microphone around and seem to have it in the optimal place. Is there anything else I can do? Would a better quality microphone help? Any help would be appreciated.
  11. I have a 2012 jeep wrangler unlimited and I had a 120 with pac adapter professionally installed and they can't get the phone or vr buttons on the steering wheel to work. Is there anyone who has had success with this? Should I be using a different harness? Thanks
  12. I just installed a 930bt in my 2003 Sierra. I have the microphone clipped to the sun visor. I can hear the people on the other end of the call clearly. They are complaining about too much back ground noise. What are my options? There really is not a better place to put the mic. Does the CD-MC20 Auto-EQ help at all with the mic picking up background noise?