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  1. Handsfree Sound Quality

    I have a 2008 Hyundai Sonata. The cabin is pretty quiet and I have the microphone placed on the just to the left of my deck. It's away from all the vents. I've moved it around quite a bit and I really don't think placement is the issue. I'm wondering if I would be better off buying a higher quilality microphone with noise cancelling.
  2. That's the place, but like I said, it took a while before I found the right spot. Anyway, sounds like you've got it working regardless.
  3. I've had my X920BT installed for over a year now and I've been hoping and praying for a solution that's never come... at least not through Pioneer. While I can hear people perfectly while speaking on handsfree, I get constant complaints that people can't hear me due to background noise. I have the noise cancellation on and I've moved my microphone around and seem to have it in the optimal place. Is there anything else I can do? Would a better quality microphone help? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. On the screen that gives you your software version, you have to press and hold your finger in the top right hand corner and the specific version comes up. There is no button to press and it may take a number of tries to hit the sweet spot.
  5. Yup! That did the trick! It's working perfectly and completely updated now. Thank you!
  6. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here. I've done the Stefanski crack and that seems to have loaded without a problem. I've downloaded the CNSD-210FM torrent and extracted the .rar file to my SD card. Everything is in a directort called SD1 which is on the root directory. Nothing happens when I insert the SD card. I've tried turning the car off and restarting with the SD card in the slot and I've tried inserting it during startup and I've tried inserting it after startup. Nothing happens. I've also tried moving the SD1 folder into an AVICZ110 folder on the SD. Same thing. Any ideas?