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Found 3 results

  1. I did the 5.1 firmware upgrade in my X930BT ( upgraded to X940BT in Mar 2014) I used the X940BT 5.1 firmware downloaded from the Pioneer website . 5.1 firmware update removed the USER/PRG.FLG file and put a new navi.exe in /USER/PRGO/APL After 15 hours of troubleshooting and reading threads in AVIC411 , I am able to implement the safe mode hack and nag screen by pass hack . Here are the steps .It worked for 5.1 firmware. I made the following changes in the navi.exe located in /USER/PRGO/APL 1) At offset 15ac48, change 02 00 56 E3 to 09 00 56 E3. 2)At offset 15ac34, 01 10 A0 E3 to 00 10 A0 E3 Above two steps took care of safe mode hack. 3)Per Enrico59 post to bypass nag screen in 5.1 firmware At offset BE9A4 ,change 05 00 00 0A to 00 00 A0 E1 All the credit goes to Pionara for identifying which hex code has to be modified . All I did was identifying the offsets in the new navi.exe to make the hex code change Happy Holidays!
  2. Hi there. I'm new in this forum. Thank you for the membership I have just bought a secondhand F30 BT (Europe version). After install everything worked perfect, but stupid me should try out all options and then it went wrong. In the setup menu I have a toggle button for "safe mode on/off" and I was so stupid to set it in safe mode which greyed out almost all options. Prior to do this I could do everything while driving, except watching videos. My problem is that I can't switch safe mode off. The button is greyed out even that the handbrake is on. My nexth thoughts was that the handbrake connection was bad so I cut the light green wire (Black plug) and connected it to ground. That did not help. The safe mode off button is still greyed out Any good advices? Any possibility to reset the unit and get back to the safe mode off? Should it try to upgrade firmware? Any other connections needed in order to activate te safe mode off button? Greetings from Denmark BSO
  3. I have found the place to patch in Navi.exe where you can enable the "Safe Mode" switch in settings menu on US/CAN units (that EU models have). This is just for navi.exe version 4.010 on X92x+ or Z1xx series, havent figured it out yet on older versions, but could be done in a similar fashion. 1. Grab your navi.exe from your unit. (Keep a copy as a backup.) On your pc, with hex editor change: a. offset 15aefc from 02 00 56 E3 to 09 00 56 E3. b. offset 15aee8 from 01 10 A0 E3 to 00 10 A0 E3 2. replace the navi.exe on your unit. You should see a new "Safe Mode" toggle switch in the settings menu (bottom row, right side). Please dont attempt if you are not comfortable hex editing files and copy files via testmode. I wont post binaries, but somebody else can make this edit and post it somewhere on the tubes Oh you are totally on your own using this. This is only for use with US/CAN navi where the law allows. update: verified that it works. A few notes: 1. with this, you no longer need to ground KMODE (pin 11 of A/V connector) - it is not necessary 2. you will need PKB grounded so that you can turn safe mode off. Once safe mode is off, you will not need PKB pin grounded, however: 3. if you ever turn safe mode back on again, then because safe mode button along with all the other ones are greyed out, you will need to re-ground PKB to get the safe mode button active again, so you can turn it off There may be another hack somewhere to fix 2 & 3, but at least with this, you dont need to fool with the A/V connector Found it!! There are two edits. First one enables safe mode button in menu on UC units, and second one keeps the button active in safe mode.. So no wired hacks needed. 100% pure soft hack!!