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Is there a Pioneer model structure and time line ?

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As most of the posts on this forum are pre- stone age, ie 2010 would anyone know of a up to date list of models released and where they fit in terms of development.

There has been a huge changes in the shift from win ce to android and possibly other formats. But equally lots of changes to pioneer units themselves. Do any even come with cd / dvd anymore. I know very few sold today even have built in navigation.

What always confused me, especially now in 2023 is what series do all the 'newer' units fit, if any. (my personal answer would be c.rap ) but there may some models OK ??

Some of the older F series which I had a few, mostly ended with bt for obvious reasons and later progressed to dab were / are still any good.. Did these even continue with win ce. and were they ever modded / updated.

And with the even newer units 2015 - 2020 the inbuilt functionality declined so much that they are a complete mystery. Does anyone even bother with the modding development of these anymore.


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