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  1. Hi guys, looking for help on an old f60dab. Sorry it's a bit of a long post but here's what happened so far... I realise most users here have moved on, as I once did. I hope someone may be left who can throw some advice my way. But at the very least pls read this as a warning. After screwing up a good mates 8 year old f60dab by failed updating? I have gone through many of the old posts of days gone by to try and remember what to do. I also tried to download relevant files to assist but sadly nearly all links dead or fail to download. I keep trying. However with my mate scr
  2. As most of the posts on this forum are pre- stone age, ie 2010 would anyone know of a up to date list of models released and where they fit in terms of development. There has been a huge changes in the shift from win ce to android and possibly other formats. But equally lots of changes to pioneer units themselves. Do any even come with cd / dvd anymore. I know very few sold today even have built in navigation. What always confused me, especially now in 2023 is what series do all the 'newer' units fit, if any. (my personal answer would be c.rap ) but there may some models OK ?? S
  3. Wow, and wow again. Reading back it seems like one or two really clever developers knew their stuff discovered the holy grail and made great strides. But here in the future (2023), It's like the clever scientists back then discovered the true meaning of life, shouted out a few instructions for a while and then left the rest of the human race to fend for itself without a manual. As much as I appreciated all the hard work, commitment and support from these clever people in keeping my unit working and updated, sadly I couldnt keep up with the understanding and conflicting procedures and
  4. Hello, similar problem. Both the unit AND me. I'm guessing we're the last handful of people now using forum. So glad its still here. Thanks guys / girls? who run it. Was a god send in days gone by, hope it still is. . The unit is a mates f60 DAB. I did an update with an sdcard. problem was sdcard goes in behind the screen which flips down. Update failed and bloody screen wouldnt flip. So kept booting and (trying) to install > failed > restarted. Nightmare. Took unit out, removed screen to get card out. Now unit starts but only has splash logo. Then blank. I've tried agai
  5. I am shocked these head units are still in use AND sold in 2023. Looking at repairing a failed update for a friend who couldnt wait. So we looked at buying a replacement. EVERY unit available in 2 large halford stores was the carplay / android auto rubbish. Not a single unit, some were close to 500 quid, had built in navigation. Pioneer are taking the P. big time. They wont even need to update maps before long as so few units even have them. Bigger are the fools that plug in their phones and know no better.
  6. I just tried installing but it didnt work. All it did was open up in windows screen (test mode?) Anything else I should do? Update tried again and got menu this time. Installed and works great. Still going thru all the options n menus but wt an improvement. Luv it, thank you
  7. I've got a whole image I got from here about 2 yrs ago. It was modded and works great to this day. Still using it but must be well out of date by now. Also igo routing engine seriously p1sses me off sometimes Im just looking at upgrading but soo many choices, versions, maps mods, I dont no where to begin. But if interested and If someone can direct me to how / where I can upload Ill gladly help.
  8. For anyone else without iphone thats interested. I've since discovered its as much a problem with phone (android / Google) as it is the pioneer. Something to do with m.a.p. profile. Still at a loss to get something working tho.
  9. These new models seem great - if you have an iphone. Otherwise features aren't very much different. Plays cd, plays radio, has gps In fact I have yet to see a new pioneer model that doesnt revolve around iphone. And there must be quite a bargain to be had buying an older model that still does just what you need (without an iphone)
  10. Hi dacliber, I took the liberty of downloading your BT files to try. Thanks. But how do you install them?
  11. Evening all. Is it even possible? My box is a normal but modded F900bt updated with 3 firmware and sw900 bt. I've searched for months and see loads mentioned about ipods and iphones playing music over BT. Even a little mentioned for android. But I really would like to have my avic display any incoming sms . Or at the very least who the sender is. I'm NOT remotely interested in playing music from my phone. No really, perhaps I'm ill or summit. It nearly does something like it already when I get an sms. It pops up a black box, white txt saying new message from caller (unknown). I
  12. Anyone having issues with TMC after install ? i dont seem to have mine working now
  13. Hi Guys, thanks to all who contributed. Just lurking and found your thread so thought Id give it a go I was on ver3.0 updated a year or more ago, and wasnt looking forward to messing with it again to be honest. But downloaded file and followed instructions and jobs a good un. So many thanks. Havnt had chance to fully test yet, but one concern I have is I didnt notice comment previously about un-hiding files. I didnt do that?? Could someone please tell me which files / folders are likely to have been hidden, and i will copy over. The install took well over 20 mins so cant have missed much.
  14. Windows - On a phone ??? Whatever... One thing I do know, you need to ensure the numbers in your phone (account) are on your sim card to be able to copy phone book across.
  15. Sorry for more questions, but this is now working realy well, thanks again i was going to attempt the 'beeps' mod but ended up just deleting the four sound files. Works great and sounds a lot better One thing I'm not sure of, is it booting to primo by default or is it igo still? Apart from the extra icons it looks the same as igo. I'm also unable to select alternate voices, just the standard english lady, yet I know there are more in the MFD. I don't see any options to switch. Please advise, thanks
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