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  1. OP Delivers! Link is good for 30 days: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hxubp1fhrc3egr0/AAC6YDAS-oth_iMxbKFwwV7ga?dl=0 It should be everything that was in the torrent.
  2. OP here, Stopped by on a whim. I have the files on my home PC.Will reupload when I get back next week.
  3. Hello everyone. This is an open message to those of you PMing me over the years with questions. I am pleased as punch that this is still used years later. I do need to say though, that I don't have any means of supporting FX3.1, so there isn't a reason to message me we with questions. I no longer own an AVIC or even a car. I do like receiving the thank yous though How is the status on the torrent? Does it need a reseed? If so I would be more than happy to include the newest maps.
  4. ok im a noob but this piratebay looks like its packed with spam and spyware but I downloaded it anyway, it comes up as FX3.1.rar.5546342.TPB and its a torrent bata file what do with it after i download it. i open it with winrar and it trys to download it again from tixati which is the torrent i downloaded cause limewire is under a investigation lol. like i said this is all new to me but im just...

  5. The link is right there on the first page
  6. I am having issues with iOS4 on my 3gs charging, worked for a day or 2 but no longer Tried reconnecting a good hundred times
  7. I had my 3gs charging with iOS 4 for like a day or 2, but after that mine no longer charges AT ALL, reconnected a good 100 times and no more charging
  8. My friend just got the AVH-P3200BT. You use a 12v relay to ground your parking brake that gets switched by your amp turn on.
  9. Going from the F700 to the X710 (Same for F900/90 to X910, really nothing hardware wise changed the only differences were software. And in this firmware it has the latest and greatest software from Pioneer to date.
  10. Hey guys, today my boss gave me his Snap-On EECT301A 12v Circuit Tester. He said it was 15 years old and that over time the wires eventually started to cross and he bought a new one ($85) http://buy1.snapon.com/catalog/item.asp?P65=&tool=all&item_ID=66995&group_ID=1390&store=snapon-store&dir=catalog". What's cool about this tester is it doesn't just tell you if a lead is hot, it also tells you if it is a ground where ass a regular tester wouldn't be able to to tell you if it is a ground or just disconnected. So while at job #2 (Radioshack), to my suprise I was able to disas
  11. Hey guys I just want to let everyone know I am still around just exceptionally busy
  12. Thanks for the info Rex, I am going to add a lil faq to the first post, if anyone thinks anything should be added let me know. Rex could you please take a pick of your harness? I am going to attempt to add the wires for the video out. And thanks for all your help Chuck!
  13. 2fup and sgambino . Reformat your SD card as Fat32 filesystem and recopy the files the card and restart update process from the begining. That should fix everything kj42598 I don't have a Sirius Tuner or any external tuner for that matter, for now all I can suggest to you is to reformat your SD and try it again like the 2 fellas above. Just to completely rule out an install error. I should have a sirius tuner soon that I can play with, If the 2nd time around install doesn't help just go back to regular 3.0 for now, do you have a copy? godskitchen I believe someone will be putting
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