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  1. That would be great. But wince is way lighter then Linux so very curious in regard of the performance. Succes!
  2. As stated by pioneer. They will not ordere here maps to generate anymore updates. The map support ended 10 year after the end of production. So for alternatives we need to hack existing maps or install an wince alternative .
  3. Now there is no more support for the f series it would've nice to have the ability to install a alternative is or Windows CE replacement with the ability to run a recent navigation program. Any thoughts about the possibilities?
  4. Are there plans to upgrade these maps once again. Is there someone who wants to start up this and who is interested? for the moment is only see the 2019 maps.. HERE Pioneer EU MY11-12 High 2019 | Update your system | HERE (navigation.com) COMPATIBILITY Pioneer AVIC-F30BT Pioneer AVIC-F40BT Pioneer AVIC-F840BT Pioneer AVIC-F8430BT Pioneer AVIC-F930BT Pioneer AVIC-F9310BT Pioneer AVIC-F940BT
  5. still happy user! It worked and a next time i will skip the copy part.. Thanks!
  6. Tried several SDCards with the same result.. no write protection. Not sure if i understand you correctly.. there are two version of the hacked dll in the unit? And the overwriting is "random".. seems strange..
  7. i already used the shortfuse hack on the 2017 files.. This was the result. BUT: the update to 2019 worked even with this error! So it seems an already hacked .dll accepts the new update with the same PASSWORDPASSWORD.
  8. STOP the donations for now! Read what Corvus said. He is right. Very strange there is no information by godzilla. maybe there is a very good reason for that, but untill he responds we do not know.
  9. sanik, still active?

    sill like pioneeRUS

  10. any developments ? Looks like the financial part is complete ( if people do send money that is)
  11. i am willing to pay a share.. i.e 10 dollar if someone wants to buy the maps. With several participants this can succeed. (looking at the number of downloads and reactions on the last map it could be interesting for the buyer)
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