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  1. This is from the Pioneer/her site: Official Map update for the following Pioneer device: - AVIC-F30BT - AVIC-F930BT - AVIC-F9310BT - AVIC-F40BT - AVIC-F940BT - AVIC-F840BT - AVIC-F8430BT
  2. F930BT and F940BT are same models. Thus the same procedure as above.
  3. F9220BT Lost Bluetooth Firmware

    did you tried to install the new 2017 update already? ( there is a Bluetooth firmware included)
  4. F980BT Android Auto enable?

    And you have the appropriate apps installed and working on your android?
  5. IGO Nextgen - Is it possible to port?

    Support that.. and can someone tell me if there is a version for a F930BT ? Thanks..
  6. Question.. how to change my F930BT to a F940BT after you did this update. Any tips or howto's would be welcomed by me. is it just replacing the verinfo.dat file? And if so.. can i use the one used in 2015 update as shown on forum by sinbad or is there a newer version..
  7. SD card wrong is often a format problem. Use a 4GB fat32 formatted sd card.
  8. Yes!!! F930BT Succesfull and even simpeler then i thought. step 1: download download shortfusescript.zip and 2017 update file step 2: unpack shortfusescript on a fat32 SD card step 3 Run script on F930BT ( just place SD card and touch a key when asked. Step 4: unpack 2017 update on at least 4GB sd card. step 5: place sdcard in F930BT and restart step 6: choose update procedure yes. When asked use PASSWORDPASSWORD as password. enjoy... for this F930BT type no other steps are needed. ( probably because its the original for this type and several others)
  9. Using the testmode.key but the paste function is highlighted but i can not select it. So i deleted the navi.exe in the user/prg0/apl i copied the navi.exe in my sd card go to the apl directory but the paste function does not work. EDIT: Solved... my god what a mess is this interface.. but hey.. it works.
  10. Try the option in this topic: These units normally don't hard reset by just removing power like they used to. With these you have to reset them in the Menu Settings. If that doesn't work, the Firmware became corrupted somehow. Try updating the firmware and see that if that corrects the problem. You can get the Firmware from here: http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/ephox/StaticFiles/PUSA/Files/Car-Firmware/AVICZ110.zip Complete instructions on how to perform the update can be found here: http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/ephox/StaticFiles/PUSA/Files/Car-Firmware/Instructions%20for%20AVIC-X920BT%202.003000.pdf alternatives: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/36166-avic-x920bt-bluetooth-problems/ and read: https://www.pioneerelectronics.com/ephox/StaticFiles/PUSA/Files/Car-Firmware/Instructions%20for%20AVIC-X920BT%202.003000.pdf Then look here ( use chrome to translate if needed) http://www.solvusoft.com/nl/update/stuurprogramma's/gps/pioneer/avic-x920bt/sub-models/
  11. 1: format small 4GB microsd card with fat32 2: unpack files on your computer 3: copy files to root of sdcard source, ( use chrome to translate automatically) http://docs12.chomikuj.pl/5187280893,PL,0,0,czytaj-to.txt Question: how to change a F930BT to a G940BT .. wich settings to change? It should be possible. Who can help?