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Reading cd-rom problems

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Does anyone have a step by step guide to loading photos onto the Z1, I keep inserting my maxell cd-rw into the z1 and nothing happens but a tag of cd rom inserted. When I goto menu and press cd I still get nothing. Files are all in jpeg format and a folder w/ the name photos is on cd, any suggestions...

Thx, Bambam
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You need to make a folder called, "Pictures" In addition to the actual photos you want to have on the disk you need to have dummy files on that make the total amount of data equal 100MB or greater.

I know that there are programs out there to make dummy files. I just opted to burn a few files from my computer onto the same disk where I had my, "Pictures" folder and it worked fine..
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What is the significance of 100MBs of data? I don't understand why a disc needs to have 100MBs on it. I know that it is true (many have confirmed this), but why if I just want to upload a 74k photo, must I create a CD that has 100MB+ of data on it? :D
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