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Pioneer AVIC RW03 Japanese to English change

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Hello AVIC Community,

Looking for some language support regarding an AVIC-RW03 which came with my Japanese import car. Hopefully this is the right sub forum.

I was able to select English in the "NAVI" menu which hold a tile button for selecting Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean. This only changed some minor texts to English but the majority is still in Japanese.

I am able to go into test mode by pressing the NAVI / Standby button and rock the second ring on the volume button right - left - right - left - right - left. So far so good.

In the test mode File Manager I can see that this model is based on NAND storage. I am able to take out a copy of the system for backup purposes (creating a blank FAT32 8GB SD card with the NAVIVUP folder) and a forced write back also works (to both the internal SD card and storage).

The language folder in \PRG0 and \PRG1 on the NAND storage don't show the PF090JPJPN.LNG files only the four "Guide" files (see attachment).

My idea was to see if I could manually copy a .LNG (MRZ99) file to the language folder to test if more text would change to English.

However in the File Manager there is no Copy option, only Select.

I have tried several (super)testmode key files from this forum but these do not work with this model.

Interestingly the system backup folder name within the NAVIVUP folder is called AVICRZ09.

On the Japanese Pioneer website there was even a AVICRZ09 firmware update file (v1.003) but this turns out to be an older version then currently present within the device (v1.004), so no benefit of loading.



  1. Does anyone have experience with this AVIC-RW03 unit?
  2. Is there a "button" combination to go into super test mode to have the copy option?
  3. Is a language change possible for this model?

Many thanks in advance!



Screenshot from 2024-02-10 15-57-14.png

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