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On 4/23/2024 at 1:57 PM, tim wood said:

Help please, stupidly clicked on safe mode. Now can't even enter password. Tried positive direct from battery to yellow and red wires but still get greyed out keyboard.


Thanks in advance 

Is your parking brake set (or has it been bypassed)? Maybe it was never wired.  Many settings can only be changed when the parking brake is set. In fact, this is controlled by the "Safe Mode" set to On.

Is this a newly installed unit, possibly a used one?  "Safe Mode" defaults to On. So it sounds like someone had previously turned it Off

Disclaimer: mine is a US unit (Z110-BT), and we don't have a "Safe Mode" option. So I'm guessing about the behavior of "Safe Mode" based on looking in the F-9xx series user manual. 

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