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Old AVIC-F920BT brought back to life

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Hello everyone! Apologies in advance for terrible english, but whatever.


I came across an older Pioneer, an AVIC-F920BT and scored a great deal on it and figured I'll put it to use right away.

Everything of the wiring was hassle-free to mount and connect, but the software itself seems to be a challenge for me.

I have done a fair bit of googling around on it and found out I've got stuck and am now going to ask the professionals for help.... on this forum, that is.


I want to upgrade the firmware on it, since it is platform version 2.000 and Application version is 2.003  (Version 02.0000) .

Bluetooth on it does not work at the moment for some reason, might be  able to get it working when it gets a software update, who knows? Also going to try update the map package afterwards.

However, to do so, I would need some help. The unit came without an SD card in the slot and I had two old ones I can use, reformatted them to FAT32 and downloaded the firmware update from Pioneer's website.  I plugged it into the port on the player and hoped the best it would just update right away or after some waiting, but alas, nothing.

I suspect I need to mount the SD card to bootable device to run the installation update, perhaps? Is there such a file + mount guide around here perhaps?
I found some eBay links, but am not quite sure if it would work since it's... sort of risky to me (not an experienced eBay user).

I could also let you know everything works on the unit so far, map and navigation is a little old, but that is fine.. for now, when driving locally, at least.

If you have any tips, tricks and helpful information, please send them this way and I will provide more information if needed.

Thank you in advance, sorry again for bad english knowledge. Hope you are able to understand my problem.


Best regards,


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Read this thread to find and install the last firmware and maps for the AVIC F920-BT


Note: the firmware and maps are updated together, not separately. Bluetooth drivers are a separate step. You say your Bluetooth is not working, so it might have a hardware problem which new firmware can't fix. These units are about 15 years old so hardware problems are common. 

You sound unfamiliar with Pioneer nav units. The SD is only used for updates, and to play media files. Be sure to find and read the Pioneer update instructions for this release. I don't have an F series Pioneer and haven't done any Pioneer updates in many years, so I probably can only point to the place to look for answers. 

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