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New 01 QX4 Install w/ Photos Avic D3 & 6.5 Alpine quest

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I got my Avic D3 installed about a month ago and so far so good. Its in a 2001 Infiniti QX4. I have linked a photo below.


I do however have a question not directly related to the Install. I had a brand new pair of Alpine Type-R SPR-17LS 6-1/2" 2-way Component Speakers I had in the garage forever. I installed one of them today and to my surprise it has less base than the factory Bose speaker I removed. I didn't install the crossover that comes with the speaker, at one time these were $250 speakers so...


Question is:


1. Do the Alpine speakers simply need to break in otherwise I might as well reinstall my factory Bose? I am not getting much mid base and am certain the polarity is right because I checked it?

2. Would the crossover make a difference?


Here is the install, it was done professionally, I started to do it but there are NO double din kits available for the Qx4 (or Pathfinder). The kit was fabricated and although it looks to be reflecting the camera flash more than the dull black around it it looks better in real life.



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Dude.. I have been trying for 2 months to find a way to install my dual din touch screen  radio in my 2001 Infiniti QX4.. I was begenning to think it was impossible.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me where you got your dash kit/bracket to get the di=ual din stero to fit in your dash ????  Please text me at 513-335-5873 or email me at seanmichaelconn@gmail.com .. Thank you SO MUCH for your help!

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