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A few Questions on the Backgrounds for the Z-1

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Hello All,

I am new to the group and the Z-1. I have a Ford F-250 4x4 2006 and just put the Z-1 in a week ago. I want to set up some custom backgrounds. What backgrounds on the unit can I change? Is it the Nav, and AV screens only. What about the Boot up screen? I was also wondering about the pictures that I can add for my address and phone book. Has anyone added these pictures? What about the sound files I can add to my address? Can I add any sound file I want, or at the start up screen would be great. Maybe "Welcome Dave" from 2010 movie. Just some ideas. Thanks for all the help this site is great.

Las Vegas NV

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i have 2001 250 diesel..

i installed ducati's circuit...

make sure you seperate the av cables and the circuit.. put them far left and right from each other..

i had really bad engine noise untill i did it... other than that.. works like a charm..

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