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  1. Problem with Z1

    been there.. there isnt any help for my questions.. as far as upgrading to z2 software... how difficult/expensive is the process?
  2. Problem with Z1

    i just recently put my z1 into a new vehicle. i had ducatiboy's circuit in before.. and it worked great for about 5 months.. then every once in a while, i would hit a bump, or something would happen.. and out of nowhere i would get the parking brake error and it would eff it up untill i turned the system off and back on... **i did not have a backup camera installed) again, recently moved the z1 to a new vehicle.. when i did this.. everything went hay-wire.. FUBAR..... problems that i need help diagnosing.. 1. the GPS is being REALLY funny about its location.. its like off 100 feet left.. i try to manually change the position, but it just doesnt like it or take very well 2. sometimes i will get a black screen at the very start that says "Caution: screen may appear reversed" and i have to restart the system to get it to go away. 3. in vehicle dynamics.. when i restart the system, none of them work for about 20 miles.. then all of them but slope work.. slope says "this function is not currently available" weird... but not a HUGE deal 4. my ducatiboy doesnt work at all.. ever.. i get the parking brake error when i start up the vehicle every time.. and it never works.. 5. i got a reverse camera.. hooked it up to the reverse light, and put it into the proper backupcamera input.. here is the tricky thing... it does not work AT ALL when you go into reverse.. BUT... if you go into nav, and go into the map options with the backup camera on the left side.. it WILL work if you put it in reverse.......... WTF??? this one is important to me to fix.. mostly because the truck has an 8in lift and i cant see shit backing up.. my guess is that i need a new ducatiboy circuit.. maybe it got fried or something in the transfer??? but some of the other problems are REALLLLLLY weird... thanks for you help...
  3. Brunt dvds wont play in my Z1

    DVD shrink will do it all (to the point i was making, that may not have been on point to the OP)... Put in your dvd, open dvd shrink... go to Re-author.... then what i do is, take off ALL of the menus, and just put the main movie file in... then you go to custom ratios.... and shrink the file to about 4.3 gigs..... and rip it... when you burn it with nero... you just add the video FOLDER.... your finished DVD comes out... u put it into your dvd player.. and it STARTS the movie.. no menus, no hoopla, no hassle.. JUST the movie... i like that 10023984039284times better..
  4. Help with Ducatiboy circuit

    ya.. i did get it figured out. Car Tunes in San Antonio TX, got me fixed up. A Stud there named Josh, a friend of mine, took a look at it for me and figured it out.. he said that it was too close to the AV cables.. and moved the circuit WAY to the right of the unit.. problem solved.. no sounds..
  5. A few Questions on the Backgrounds for the Z-1

    i have 2001 250 diesel.. i installed ducati's circuit... make sure you seperate the av cables and the circuit.. put them far left and right from each other.. i had really bad engine noise untill i did it... other than that.. works like a charm..
  6. Help with Ducatiboy circuit

    THanks.. i will check the rcas as well.. yes i have an amp to the int speakers.. i have 2 amps.. one to the component front speakers (avic powers rear)... and an amp for my subs.. i think that is good advice for the light problem.. i will try to brake if it happens again, but it hasn't all weekend... i am gonna try to check this stuff this week sometime.. but i have been crazy busy the last few days.. I REALLY appreciate all your help guys.. i will post some pictures soon, i just want to finish everything first.. if any other ideas come up about things to check let me know..
  7. Brunt dvds wont play in my Z1

    use DVD Shrink (free program.. search the net) to rip the dvd... then use NERO to burn it... 100% of my burned dvds work.. ps: when it comes to buying blank dvds... you get what you pay for... spend the extra 10$ and get good ones.. it is worth it in the long run.. (this is from experience of 2000+ burnt dvds)
  8. Help with Ducatiboy circuit

    roger.. anything else i should check when i am in there?
  9. First off, another happy customer.. dude is brillant.. but After i installed my circuit, a really weird road noise/engine accel noise/humm/buzz (to the accel of the engine) has started.. i am not sure if this is because of the circuit, or maybe something else... any ideas what i should check?? Also... another thing i have noticed... sometimes, when i shut down/turn off the car.. my overhead lights stay on... almost like the car door is stuck open.. also the AVIC stays in the TILTED position (does not retract back in... almost like it thinks its still on, but has no power).. i had to turn the car on, turn it off, then just put it in on position.. then finally it worked (lights shut off and avic tilted back to normal position)... I have a Clifford Alarm remote start ect ect.. is this something to do with the circuit and alarm not functioning together ok?.. or perhaps some wires not installed property.. what could cause this? anyway.. thanks for your help in advance... the hum to the accelleration is the worst.. any ideas what to check? PS: F-250 Platium, diesel, avic-z1, bluetooth, xm, ipod, clifford alarm w/remote start, custom sub box with 2 orion 10's, infinity ref 6x8 in the back, MBquartz component 5.5's and tweeters in front. 150x1 for the compnent punch amp, and 350x1 for the subs punch amp.. It thumps.. :twisted: