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FAQ: Problems/Troublshooting :: READ BEFORE POSTING!

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This topic will have frequently asked questions and answers about everything that has to do with modifying the F-Series. If you have something to add, reply to this post and the index will be updated.


--How This Works--



To search the contents of this page, hold down the CONTROL key (Windows) or COMMAND key (Mac) on your keyboard and press "F". Then type in the main word for what you're looking for (IE, hack, navigation, ipod, bluetooth, etc.) and that word will be highlighted every time it occurs below.



If there is something you think should be added or corrected, post a reply to this topic and a moderator will review your request and act if necessary. ANY OTHER REPLIES IN THIS THREAD WILL BE DELETED!



1. Frequently Asked Questions:

a. General Frequently Asked Questions

b. Problem/Troubleshooting Frequently Asked Questions

c. Hack & Modification Frequently Asked Questions

2. Modifications

a. Completed Modifications

b. In-Progress Modifications

c. Requested Modifications

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I just installed my F-Series and the phone and navigation menus are gray and not selectable

A. This is covered in the installation manual, but in order for those options to be available, you need to properly connect the parking brake connection and engage the parking brake, or simply ground the parking brake connection. This would also be an ideal time to perform the hardware bypass.


Q. My FXX is doing XXXXXX and I don't have a backup, where can I get a copy of all of the files?

A. You can get a copy by following the instructions in this post.


Q. Google 411 dials a 432 number, how can I change that?

A. Currently there is no way to change the number that is dialed, fortunately with today's cellphones it doesn't really matter what the area code is, there's no long-distance fee and all calls will use your minutes.



Q. My iPod is connected but won’t play music, what's wrong?

A. You need either the CD-IU230V iPod cable by Pioneer or the Apple iPod A/V Composite Cable. Both cables have both USB connections and standard composite Audio/Video connections. The standard iPod USB cable (that comes with every iPod/iPhone) will allow control of the iPod and display of iPod content on the the F-Series, but will not play music or video.


Also, make sure AV1 input (Settings -> A/V Settings) is set to the iPod mode.


Note: Whenever the unit is manually reset, the A/V setting will default back to off, so be sure to change it back to iPod if your unit is reset or disconnected from the power source.



Q. Why do I keep getting the "iPod connection failed, please disconnect and reconnect" message?

A. This is a common problem with the F-Series and not something you are doing. Since the release of the firmware 2.0 update for the F-Series, this problem seems to have been corrected for most people.



Q. Why don't voice commands work, or why do they play the wrong artist or album.

A. Make sure you have recently cataloged VR commands for the iPod that is connected to your F-Series.



Q. My F-Series is broken, it keeps XXXXXXing, how do I fix it?

A. You can download the service manual here. Or send it back to Pioneer for a warranty repair.

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