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Silver Arrow mdl (searched)

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i like the look of the silver arrow that you get in 3d mode before it latches on to enough satallites and would like to use it as the arrow all of the time.


diggin around in the gfx folder i found car_grey.mdl and my theory (based on the great info i have read here) is that i could rename this file to car.mdl since i believe that file is the arrow i am talking about. i will not be able to try this until tomorrow and wanted some feedback on if i am looking at this right.


also there is a car_spaceship.mdl does anyone know of any software that can view these or any way to know what they are?


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yes, i too can and have used the search function.

i believe i have read each page of that thread with page 4 being the useful part.


i find no reference to car_grey.mdl also there is a tex file for each mdl but for some reason there is a car_goose.tex but no car_goose.mdl


look man, i was just wanted to see if someone had already tried this or if i was off base with the way i understand it. thanks though.

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