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Thinking of switching from the D3 to F90BT

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I have the D3X package currently and I'm decently happy with it. But there is a few flaws. Below are the only flaws that I care about.


#1 = The bluetooth does not automatically sync up with my phone when I get in/out of the car. I've watched a friend's F90BT do this with my own phone.


#2 = NAV is flash based on F90BT. No worries about scratched/lost discs.


#3 = iPod control is similar to D3, but F90BT has the "quick alphabet letter" sorting ability. Rather than scroll through 35 pages to get the the letter M, I can select "M" and move right to them.


#4 = iPod video capabilities on the F90BT.


The F90BT does have some other advantages such as SD capability and user customize symbols, but honestly I don't care about that. My bluetooth is nearly useless if I have to manually sync it up and enter the keycode every single time I get in the car. I figure I could probably sell my D3 with bluetooth module, add $150, and pick up a new F90BT off eBay. MY ONLY HESITATION is the fact that the F90BT boots up much slower than the D3. Depending on what source you last left it on, it could be a solid minute+ before you have access to change things. Is there a fix out there for this yet? Opinions? Anything I'm missing?

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#1 you have to save your phone on the D3, then it will automatically sycn when you turn on


#2 that is why you make back up discs. And with it being flash, it takes much longer to boot up when you turn it on


#3 the alpha search is awesome, one thing i hate about the d3


#4 you can play video on the d3


as for your other concerns, just make sure it has the newest update (2.0)

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#1 Thank you. Figured out how to register it after your post. I feel like such a dumba$$. lol :oops:


#2 Donno if the flash based navigation is necessarily the reason it boots slow, but no matter. :?:


#3 Agreed :cry:


#4 Thank you again. Damn it. I've played with this before and could never get it to work right. It would transfer audio, but not video. I figured it out tonight. :oops:


Like I said, all the others concerns took a major backseat to the auto connect bluetooth. D3 I'ma keepin'! :twisted:

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another thing i noticed was that the D3 had a better touch screen responsiveness. I took out my F-90 and put a D3 back in my car because the boot time and touch screen pissed me off everytime I got in the car

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