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  1. how to back up device images

    all 2019 models, most 2018 and quite a few earlier ones.
  2. how to back up device images

    I have access to all current, and quite a few older units. I want to able to copy the internal cards, since someone helped me a few years ago with the app radio. SO how do I do it? I have downloaded the norflash, avic.zip and internal sd card backup.zip but it seems like the links just send me around in a circle. If anyone can show me how, I can start unlocking, and uploading all images.
  3. no sound thru BT on D3?

    make sure you hit the play button on the d3 screen
  4. what is a used d3 worth?

    I am going to be selling my d3 in the next few weeks, and was curious what is a good selling price for them? thanks
  5. turn off ipod charge

    too much charging kills the battery life, thats why
  6. turn off ipod charge

    is there anyway to do this on the X910? I used that feature on my d3 all the time
  7. Avic d3 with 2 ohm speakers?

    all pioneers are meant for 4 ohms........but with that being said, if we ever do an amp integration on a customers car, we make sure that they get a pioneers. Even with the 2ohm speakers, it works. I know for a fact kenwoods, and sonys will over heat in a matter of minutes
  8. How come you barely find any AVIC D3's on Ebay/Internet?

    i've been looking for a broken/non working d3 for months now, with not luck. i would say they are pretty rock solid
  9. gmos-04 gain control, either whines, or cuts out rear

    i used to have the same problem, but I added a relay to the acc. Can't tell you why there was whine, and I can't tell you if it will work for you. But I saw a tip on adding realy to the GMOS-04 from metra. btw, car is a 2008 Corvette
  10. 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee VSS wire?

  11. Need help finding VSS on a 2007 ESCAPE

    Gray / Black wire located at the ABS Brake Control Module the ABS Module is located at the drivers side of the firewall -wheel well area . NOTE on the Hybrid models the ABS module is at the passengers side of the of the engine compartment.
  12. Thinking of switching from the D3 to F90BT

    another thing i noticed was that the D3 had a better touch screen responsiveness. I took out my F-90 and put a D3 back in my car because the boot time and touch screen pissed me off everytime I got in the car
  13. 2008 Subaru Impreza VSS location?

    Pink / Green Wire at the instrument cluster pin #31
  14. Thinking of switching from the D3 to F90BT

    #1 you have to save your phone on the D3, then it will automatically sycn when you turn on #2 that is why you make back up discs. And with it being flash, it takes much longer to boot up when you turn it on #3 the alpha search is awesome, one thing i hate about the d3 #4 you can play video on the d3 as for your other concerns, just make sure it has the newest update (2.0)
  15. Wiring Diagram for Chevy TrailBlazer 2006?