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My tuning is either too much or not enough

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I have a 2004 Pontiac GTO with 2 JL 8w0's in the rear deck, Polk audio momo 6.75 in the front doors and rear seats. I'm only running the polk crossovers and tweeters in the dash. The Momo's are powered by a PPI 4400.2 and the subs are powered by a PPI 2600.2. I am using a Pioneer Z-3 with ipod, xm, BT.


I've been trying to tune this since I installed it. I did the turn it up till distortion and adjust the amps accordingly to dial it in.


My problem is now, it seems like every single song that comes on, I need to rearrange the dynamics of the head unit. It seems that while I'm trying to get it to sound "good," My highs are too high and my lows are too low or my highs are too low and lows are too high. Is this because my speakers are shit or I need different amps?!?! My mids have been pretty close but highs and lows just seem to miss.


Any help would be greatly appreciated

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