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Lossless formats on f/x910bt

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Is there any way to install codecs into the built in WinCE thing so the unit can play lossless formats like FLAC, APE or similar?

Playing them from the IPod is out of the question as the sound goes thru the analog cable and it's something I really don't want with the SQ setup I have installed now :)



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on normal pioneer units the full speed ipod converts media to the wav PCM format and sends the datastream to the unit.

the unit sees it as reading a normal audio cd so theres no loss.


on this i dont understand why they made an analog audio connection instead.


when theres usb present.


you can try loading it


but from what i understand itsa hardware decoder that they use so even tho theres windows theres no hardware chip to decode FLAC.


i ve been beating that dead horse on pioneer dealer forum and all i get from pioneer.

well we working on it

well i dont know

umm yea maybe sometime in the future



and all kinds of other excuses...


but maybe someone is smart enough to integrate a software decoded into the system

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